Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Olga's Kitchen
Various locations in Metro Detroit Area
Review by Rosie

The first two weeks of summer vacation are always crazy. You know ... all those medical appointments you've been putting off till school is out. So even though we can sleep in a little later, we're still on the run. And sometimes it's just easier to eat out.

With that in mind, but dreading the thought of eating yet another Whopper or Happy Meal, we stopped in to this self-proclaimed family friendly alternative to fast food restaurant at the local mall. We arrived before the peak dinner hour so we were seated immediately. Our waitress came right over to take our drink order and went to fill those while we considered what to order from the extensive menu. Since the restaurant was not busy at the time, the waitress cheekily honored the request for iced tea with lots of lemon by presenting the beverage with an attractive rosette of lemon wedges nestled on the top.

Their signature beverage is the Orange Cream Cooler — essentially a liquid orange creamsicle. Delicious! We've indulged in it before, but too rich for those of us who must be conscious of calorie intake, so we abstained on this occasion.

The choices offered on the menu ranged from soups and side salads to pita style sandwiches with filling ranging from the original Olga — a lamb and beef mixture like a Gyro — to grilled chicken with a Dijon mustard sauce to oriental vegetables, to three cheese to peanut butter and jelly (on the kids' menu). Open faced Olgas — the sandwich fillings served over a bed of rice with the slightly sweet griddle cooked pita style bread served in wedges along side the meal. Additional items on the menu included three-cheese balls, spinach pie, and snackers — the Olga bread cut into wedges, liberally seasoned with salt, garlic powder, and paprika and served with a dollop of Swiss almond cheese. We almost always order extra snackers, we love them so much.

We opted for spinach pie, $2.95 and a three cheese Olga, $5.98; peasant soup (Olga's version of beef vegetable soup with Olga meat) with a side of snackers, $2.95 and an Original Olga (Olga meat, sliced onions, chopped tomatoes, and Olga sauce — her version of tsadziki), $5.99; and a kids' Olga dog and curly fries, $4.19. Those prices were for individual items on the menu, but when ordered as combos the whole meal for the three of us came to less than $30. Not bad for a quick, filling, and tasty meal.

Even though the store's predilection for "Olga-izing" all the names of the popular food items seems silly, we can all agree the "Olga!" is the right battle-cry when either hungry enough for these great meals, or perhaps it's the gasp when you have had enough to eat, already!

Olga's Kitchen was started up by a real life Olga in Birmingham, Michigan in 1970 and quickly found success. In 1976, franchises began popping up in free-standing locations, shopping strips and malls in the metro Detroit area. Now expanded to Illinois and Ohio, some locations even offer banquet rooms for groups of 10 or more and even WiFi access!

Olga's Kitchen restaurants are conveniently located to make an easy and delicious rest stop during a hectic day of errands. It's no wonder at all that we've been patrons for so long. If you live in or visit the Detroit metro area, be sure to check out Olga's Kitchen.

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