Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
B.D.'s Mongolian Barbeque
Review by Rosie

Mongolian Barbeque?! What in the heck is Mongolian Barbeque? It is a very interesting little concept in dining: A cross between Japanese steak house-style cooking on a very hot grille and Chinese wok cooking with a variety of meats, vegetables, oils, flavoring sauces, and spices.

The diner gets to choose raw items from a buffet line in any desired combination. For the novice, there are poster boards placed on the wall behind the buffet line with suggested combinations of ingredients. These include everything from turkey, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, sausage, squid (with tentacles!), shrimp, cod, scallops, crab, as well as a nice variety of American and Oriental vegetables. The flavoring sauces, oils and spices range from mild teriyaki sauce to potent hot pepper oil and curry powder, but how much your eyes will water is entirely up to you. All of this can be placed in a bowl for you to carry away from the buffet line.

Once you have chosen,take your heaped bowl of ingredients to a round bar with a circular hot grille atop it. There is a brass gong on the bar to catch the attention of the boys who will cook your meal for you. They take the bowl you have assembled and dump it onto the hot grille to cook as you watch. Using a pair of two and a half foot long square sticks to toss the meat and vegetables on the cooking surface, they can juggle up to a dozen separate meals at once. Some of the cooks are even comedians and will banter back and forth with the diners as they prepare the food. Once the meat and vegetables are cooked, they are put into clean bowl for you to take back to your table to eat either with white rice or wrapped in tortillas. Either way, no matter what combinations you come up with they always are absolutely delicious.

A set price allows you to go through the line as many times as you wish so you can try other combinations of ingredients and flavors. I have not yet made the same combination twice. The price also includes a regular salad and soup bar, which are a good idea to go with the entree because if you accidentally go a little too heavy with some of the stronger flavorings or spices, youíll have something with which to cool off your palette. They also offer a fairly short and standard, but very delicious-sounding, list of desserts, but after two trips through the buffet line for the entrée course, I have never had any room left for dessert.

B.Dís is a chain and they are very popular and growing fast. I hope you will find one near you and try it. I think youíll love it.

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