Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
The Living Room Café
Perry, Waverly, 7th Ave., NYC
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Sparticus, NagggSorber

Don't you hate when one of you in the group is really, really hungry, but everyone else has already eaten elsewhere, and eaten very, very well? They're willing to go with you and accompany you, maybe have a drink while you feed yourself. And you have to choose a place because the places you normally go to are packed. So you wander a bit further afield and you run into a place called "The Dining Room" and you figure, "Better than eating in the Living Room ..." even though there are places called the Living Room which are better known for alternative music ... Except the joke was on us, because the place actually IS the Living Room Café. We blame it on the bad choice of typography on the awning.

The waitresses are pleasant but kind of really really dumb. How dumb? More than half of us ordered sorbets, and made a point of asking, "Do you actually have all of the ones listed here?" She didn't really know what we were asking (she was foreign with a sexy central European accent) we think, because she said yes. Then she came back like 10 minutes later and proceeded to tell us that nothing we ordered was available in sorbets ... o...kay ...

We ended up describing her "as dumb as toast," which if you've been reading up on your Dilbert, you know that's how Ratbert once described himself.

The person who ordered a meal is a vegetarian, and there was some concoction available that sounded promising. We seem to recall that it was a house specialty and the description on the menu made it sound really yummy. It was served with a loaf of bread that was sliced up. The name of it began with an "sh..." (no, we are NOT kidding). It looked goopish and goopy and we were afraid of it when it was plonked down on the table ...

But finally, we drew straws and forced the smallest among us to have a taste. She said it was extremely bland, and it was all about the texture, which was indeed goopy. It needed masses of salt and pepper to even pass for a spread for bread or the base of a tomato/red pepper stew ... eeuww! The hungry one did finish his meal, but no one else wanted to try it. Bland, flavorless goop and toasty waitresses, something about the food and/or the place that felt out of kilter, one might say. We should really find out the real name of the dish, but to tell the truth, even in the interests of doing a 'Hut review, no one felt compelled to go back to have another meal there or even to pick up a take-out menu.

But we were sitting outside on the patio-esque furniture and umbrellas to ward off the hot sun, so we heard bagpipes ... in lower Manhattan. Then some policemen in kilts showed up with their parade instruments! We know that men ALWAYS look better in kilts, and these were the burly types some of us really really adore ... Place might've been out of kilter, but it gave its kilters to the cops, so that made it worthwhile. :) Being as dumb as toast does have its privileges, eh?

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