Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Little Pie Company of the Big Apple
Grand Central Terminal, NYC

Review by dieFledermaus

Elsewhere on Hut Cuisine, I've whined about how it's hard to find good southern food in the big city. But the foodies of Wookiee Hut have draggged me and nagged me to try many places, not only to prove that pieces of the south do indeed exist here, but to show me that there is more to food than what my momma and grandmomma made.

While no one's cooking will ever rival the matriarchs of the estate, there are excellent pies in this city. But no one will beat the Little Pie Company for sheer charm and attitude. They make any pie imaginable in regular and tiny sizes. They stack the fillings high, use plenty of yummy crispy crust, and quality fresh ingredients that make you forget about mastering your own pies. Bite into the key lime and you'll swear it's cheesecake. Sniff their apple raisin sour cream pie and you'll find a whole world of impure pies your mother never made, and it is good. And did I mention the awesome crust? They don't skimp on anything.

They have a counter in the Grand Central Terminal food court below the main part of the station, as well as two other locations on the west side of Manhattan, one in Greenwich Village and the other by Times Square. I know people from New Jersey who take the Port Authority bus into Times Square, buy a pie, then get back on the bus to get home. If I was silly enough to live in New Jersey, I'd do the same thing. But until then, I'll just go to Grand Central and buy a little pie for me. It's big enough for two, but if I'm feeling indulgent, why would I share?

Okay, sorry Momma and Grandmomma. Your pies don't rate compared to the Little Pie Company's, but that's no reason not to bake me pies when I go home and am far from Grand Central!

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