Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
La Brea Bakery

1556 South Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA
Bread available at many supermarkets and retail outlets

Review by Diana, Wraith6, ScarletManuka

This bakery started as the dream of a pastry chef who wanted to create great bread. Okay, she's a little flakey (she refused to do business while the planet Mercury was in retrograde), but she did build an empire and the bread this company produces is superlative. They distribute nationwide, parbaking and freezing bread to be finished at locations closer to the retail stores. You've probably seen loaves for sale, or some restaurants feature the bread as part of their menus.

We stopped at this one in "Disney Downtown" -- a sort of New Orleans homage on the Disneyland property in Anaheim, CA. We were hungry and the food in California Adventure was nondescript. It was late, so we didn't want anything too heavy. But we did have to eat.

Thankfully, the La Brea Bakery does have a small sidewalk café in this "downtown" area. It features a menu with Americanized northern Italian light fare, and of course their bread. They have great focaccia and baguettes. We had the salads, a roasted vegetable paninni, a toasted white Cheddar cheese on ciabatta, and a cheeseburger with bacon and avocado (how very Californian) on rosemary focaccia. We had coffee to keep us awake.

The coffee was really good, and not at all bitter, and the bread was really the star. It was crispy and warm, but not so crunchy that it fought with the filling textures. Very easy to eat, just what we needed. We even bought a baguette to go, to use in onion soup and as croutons for salad the next day, and it was an excellent sourdough loaf.

The only negative was the overly vinegary salad dressing on the mesclun, and though we know the waiter is from abroad, it was really hard to understand when he told us the specials: "Schteemed labiolee wid peppa soush." Okay, we did figure it out, but we were tired and trying to figure out if we wanted that or not. Note we went for sandwiches. Earlier in the day, we might have had no trouble.

The place closes too early, but that's a general complaint about California restaurants anyway. Whatever, we were happy at the time.

There are cafés located amidst the supermarkets, of course. This one is in a publically accessible part of Disneyland -- don't need to pay for a ticket to get to it, so we could have fun telling certain people/dates to meet us there and seeing if they show up? Hey, who's for quirky places for a date?

Top photo from "Downtown Disney."

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