Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Kim's Aunt Kitchen
SE corner 46th and 6th Ave, next to Moishe's Falafel, New York, NY
Review by MaceVindaloo

On a day where we already had eaten a not quite satisfying lunch, we walked around the block to try and find a little something else. So while walking down 46th street from 5th ave toward 6th ave an odor stuck my olfactory ... a blessed smell ... something that immediately strikes to my comfort food core ... fried fish!!

I tracked it down to Kim's Aunt Kitchen street cart. I later found out that this cart is well known for good food. I am embarrassed by my lapse in knowledge. As expected, I ordered a fried fish sandwich and given the choice of Flounder and Whiting, I chose Flounder.

As I was watching them construct my sandwich, I watched to make sure it had the usual accompaniments, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce on white bread. I opted for no hot sauce... this time. But then he started adding the fish. Golden brown fried fillets. 3 pieces. Not whole pieces, but a king size portion to be sure.

The smell to me was as if it were a line of illegal substances... and the taste, hit me to the soul. Crispy crust, yet flaky tender sweet meat. A fantastic sandwich. And for only $4.50!

As the sign says on the side of their cart, "Food is Love" You can bet I will be back ... often!


* It's a tiny cart. 3 men are crammed in there with a fryer, a hotplate, fridge, etc. It's an impressive show.

* No one really know who Kim is, or Kim's aunt.

* A friend tried the bulgoki, which is less a bulgoki than a marinated beefsteak. But it's very good. Get the large!

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