Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Killer Shrimp
Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles

Review by Diana DeRiggs

This place works the one thing they do well -- basically a flavorful, garlicky broth, with jumbo peel-n-eat style shrimp in it, served with lots of french bread or pasta for dunking up that great broth. Their sole dessert is sweet potato pie. And that's it! A small bar, of course, so I could get a soda as a digestif, haha, but otherwise, pure and simple. Being Los Angeles, the lights tend to be low or colored, and there is "patio" dining outside the door. The bathrooms are clean, too! (You might imagine, need a lot of trips to clean up fingers and such.)

That broth has a sting to it, but it doesn't burn. It's a "cajun" sauce, they say, but it's not overly complex or ridden roughshod with trendy spices. As far as I could tell, it's made with shrimp stock, butter, garlic and other spices, probably red pepper flakes, salt, black pepper, lemon. It's simple, and they simmer it all day long. With every order, they toss in about a dozen shrimp, let it heat through, and serve it while it's still tender. The shrimp shells were actually thin and tender enough that I simply chewed longer and didn't bother to peel them. More flavor that way, trust me!

They happily pack up leftovers for you, and it's reasonably priced. Two of us were full for about $25, including tax and tip. We went late, late, late at night, and they were nice and cheerful even though they were in the throes of closing. Who can ask for anything more?

We didn't do the pie. Too full -- next time! Then again, that broth is so wonderful that it's postively haunting. Maybe we'll do TWO orders next time.

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