Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Johnny Rockets

Forest Hills, NY

Review by Diana & ThePlazaQueen & The Undercover Tourists

We wanted to get a late night snack after a long day. It's in a great location -- on Austin Street, but clearly visible from Queens Boulevard, in the old Heskels place. And the location and bright lights have drawn the masses, who seem to love it for unaccountable reasons. Why is there a long, long line in front of the place?? The people waiting on the line are 30- and 40-somethings with kids in strollers. How ... quaint?

Maybe they love it because it's new and clean and shiny? Maybe because they like standing in line? Unlike the French and Italians, Americans do excel at standing int line, accourding to Bill Bryson. Or maybe it's the efficiency with which this chain packs calories into a single serving? The chocolate shake will give you 180% of the fat you need for a whole day, with 1110 calories, to boot. If you get the tempting "Double Rocket" burger, you get over 1200 calories, and 168% of your daily fat requirement -- meaning you have eaten into tomorrow's allotment, too, with just ONE item. Even adding a shot of malt into your shake will add 60 calories! (By the way, if you're going to do it, do it all the way -- turns out the grilled chicken burger is only 20 calories less than the standard burger. Go moo!)

Note that Lucille Roberts exercise studio is right next door to this place. Not such a bad thing. By the way, is there anyone else who considers "woman only" clubs such as this to be in violation of the American Constitution? Sorry, digressing again ...

We love the idea of Johnny Rockets, we really do. We love their Tilamook Cheddar grilled sandwiches, and the same cheese in their apple pie. We love that they make flavored Cokes: vanilla, lemon, cherry, chocolate. We even like the sort-of Ed Debevic's sensibility of the place, even though it's more sterile and clean than your standard middle-America diner type place. But for the sake of our health, it might be best to look at the long line and keep walking, briskly! Though if you starve yourself for a week, you might be able to imbibe in a full meal here. It's not a good idea, though. That's what we did, late one night ... too long a line to deal with, so we went to T-Bone Diner around the corner instead.

Food images from www.johnnyrockets.com, be sure to check out food>>nutrition while you're there!

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