Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Jinky's Café
Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

Review by Diana DeRiggs

Their slogan is "Breakfast Anytime" and that's essentially what's on the menu, other than some Tex-Mex type of offerings and a burger or two. So if they say so, it's probably a wise thing to have breakfast when you come here.

My date ordered a turkeyburger, nontheless. I ordered oatmeal pancakes and a vegetarian omelet. We were really really hungry. He had a bowl of chili, too, which Jinky's is apparently famous for. They fresh-squeezed their pink grapefruit juice, a nice touch!

The omelet was seriously huge -- it must have taken 6 eggs to make. Had avocado and salsa in and on it. Was okay, I didn't finish it. It was simply too massive, and I'm not a huge bottled salsa fan, as you know. The short stack of pancakes consisted of two plate-smothering flapjacks, and they were nice and tender, not at all like a crash mat. They were also really substantial, and we didn't finish those either. The chili was good, but the garlic toast served with it was too massive. We ended up just eating the very crunchy top. We also passed on the turkeyburger bun. The fries that came with it seemed oven baked, rather than deep fat fried. C'mon -- I can do that at home!

It wasn't bad at all, very pleasant, and a good place to be on a cold afternoon for the first meal of the day. The place was full, and there seemed to be many regulars. The waitresses were young and pleasant (rather than old and grumpy) and even found me some other flavor jelly than the packets that were on the table already. (They saw me digging through the pile looking for something other than strawberry and grape.) It's an inexpensive place, huge portions, not bad -- good for struggling actors, young 'uns on dates, and for those who overslept!

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