Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Jewel Fruit Salad
by Gillian F. Taylor, SuSu

Passing through a farmer's market on some nameless Outer Rim planet, Syal Antilles was aware that she was easily identifiable even in remote areas. Her public personae, holostar Wynssa Starflare, was so recognizable that she needed to change her appearance radically: her hair was buzzed off and a fake scar, burns, and moles placed over her face. She affected the walk of a man and the dress of an itinerant farmer, down on his luck. An actress, she was able to give off an air of desperation and bitterness, so that others would instinctively avoid contact with her.

Syal had lost her husband in the most bizarre and sad manner — he had signaled her to run, run anywhere in an unpredictable manner so that even he could not find her. They were fugitives, he was no longer safe and thus, neither was she.

More than anything, she missed him, yearning for his strong hands to ... well, it's not what you'd think! Soontir Fel was a big man with big hands, it was true. But he was more than what met the eye. He loved to farm, he loved to grow things, and to harvest them. Even in their Coruscant apartment, he allocated space to grow fruits and vegetables, so that he could present her with tiny dwarf oranges, beautiful perfect berries, minature melons, and full-grown apples from tiny bushy trees.

And then he'd made her a lovely fruit salad, delicately cutting the fruit, being careful not to bruise it, presenting it as more precious than any number of jewels. In fact, it reminded Syal of the ring Soontir had bought for her early in their courtship, which she had been forced to abandon when she took flight ...

Even though her purchases might give her away to sharp-eyed and interested observers, Syal couldn't pass up the bright bargain-priced berries, or an overripe melon about to be thrown away by its owner, some battered and loose grapes, a dented tin of syrup-laden oranges, a rotting apple ... Syal couldn't have her husband with her, but she could have his jewels!

  • 1 smallish tin mandarin segments in syrup
  • 1 Galia or similar size melon (or part of a honeydew, crenshaw, or cantaloupe)
  • 1 eating apple
  • 12 or so strawberries
  • 12 or so red seedless grapes
Empty the tin of mandarin segments and syrup into a pretty bowl. Cut melon flesh into bite size segments and add to bowl. Chop apple, leaving skin on, and add. Slice larger strawberries and cut larger grapes in half — add to bowl.

Mix all the fruit gently, and if necessary, top up the liquid with some orange juice.

Sliced bananas or pineapple chunks can be used instead of the melon, if you like them better, or just happen to have them handy.

If you have mandarin segments in juice, rather than syrup, add half a teaspoon of sugar to a little juice, and stir in well and add to the bowl.

For added oomph, add a dash of spirit or liqueur: white or light rum, grenadine, cointreau, galliano, sherry, amaretto, grenadine, or any sweet spirit or mixer.

Cover the bowl, and leave in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight, to let the flavours mingle. Serve with cream or vanilla ice cream.

Serves 4 or 5.

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