Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
S Lynhurst Drive, Indianapolis, IN
Review by Diana, SuSu, MaceVindaloo, RuntEkwesh, Wraith6

This place caught our eye because it was in walking distance from our airport-area motel, and they advertise a weekend prime rib dinner at $12.99 per person. This is in stark contrast to the places in downtown which charge up to $50 for a steak! There are a lot of steak places in Indianapolis, and we don't understand why the pricing is not more competitive — maybe there is price fixing going on?

Anyway, we had had dinner elsewhere, but resolved to have breakfast here instead. Being from the east coast, we are pretty much used to eateries being "non smoking" throughout. We thought there was a closed section of the restaurant, but it turned out to be the non smoking section — it was empty, which says a lot about the people who come to this place.

This place was more than "retro" for its smoking policies; it screamed "1970s concept elegant banquet hall" with semi-circular vinyl-covered booth seating and tables that can fold out to included larger groups. It was tidy enough, but had more than a foot in the Denny's style chain. It's essentially a family grill place. There were a lot of families with kids, and later, older well-dressed folk came in, probably straight out of church.

The menu also reflected this "family grill" concept; on Mondays and Tuesdays, kids under 12 eat for free! Pricing was mostly below $10 for any item. Steak and eggs for breakfast runs your about $8.40; pancakes are $2.50. It's actually cheaper to build your meal rather than to order a combo, it seems. We got rib-eye steaks and eggs, grits, corned beef, toast, pancakes, and sausage gravy with biscuits. The food was flavorful and very good — their grill person knew how to get a good crust onto the corned beef hash. The biscuits and gravy were served differently from what we'd seen; instead of giving you a bowl of gravy and biscuits on a plate, they crumbled up the biscuits onto a dinner plate and ladeled the sausage gravy over it to cover. This lets the biscuits soak up the gravy nicely and you eat the concoction with a fork or spoon instead of your fingers. The grits were not simply cooked up by putting instant stuff into a bowl of water in the microwave. It was thick with good flavor, enhanced by salt and pepper.

The portions were very big and we had quite a lot leftover, which we couldn't finish. Their servers were very nice young women who kept pace throughout the restaurant. We didn't see the same server twice! The hostess did coffee refill duty. Everyone was very nice, even the slumpy boy who was to bus the tables; don't know how he could do that with his hands in his pockets.

Will have to try this place for prime rib one weekend. The food is good value, and you won't have to put up with the beer swilling crowds of downtown, either.

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