Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Honey Lemon Jelly
by Susu

Baron Soontir Fel found himself on Coruscant one holiday. He'd been so busy that he hadn't done any gift shopping for his friends and colleagues, and he was going to have to be at a fancy dress ball in about 6 hours. Not enough time to run out and buy "heartfelt" gifts for all without killing his wallet. He was wandering through an indoor market, when he came upon a seller of small woven baskets; some were decorated with fruit and flowers, to make them more tempting to buyers.

Remembering back to the agricombine store where his mother worked on Corellia, Soontir was suddenly inspired -- he could make a jelly! But not the type of jelly that required days of drip filtering for a clear setting gel, for he didn't have time for that. He'd "cheat" using commercially produced pectin, for a quick set. Since pectin requires an acidic environment in order to gel, along with sugar, he went straight for a basket of lemons. Deciding against super-refined sugar, he went for a tasty clover honey as the sweetener. That's all he needed!

He peeled and squeezed and poured, then put a couple of jars in each basket with a packet of crackers. He tied ribbons to the handles and presented his homemade gifts to all the dignitaries and military officers at the ball. He wasn't ashamed for a second with his homey efforts, and indeed, those who sniffed at his gifts and left them behind were sorely disappointed when reports were made about Fel's delicious jelly! Soon, people would knock on his door and leave jars behind, hoping to be included on his gift list, the next time he felt like making it again.

  • about 12 lemons
  • 5 cups honey
  • 6 oz liquid pectin
Into a large pot or stockpot, grate the rind (avoid the white pith beneath) from the lemons, a total of about 3 tablespoons. Squeeze juice from lemons to measure 1 ½ cups, making sure to strain the juice so pulp and seeds don't get in the mixture. Add the honey and boil it, stirring all the while. Add the pectin all at once and stir madly. When it reaches a boil, continue boiling for a minute, not much more. Turn off the heat, the pour the jelly into sterilized jam jars, to within ½ inch from the rim, taking care to keep the rim clean. Screw tops on the jars and process them in a hot water bath for at least five minutes at a constant boil. Remove and cool on a dry towel or on a rack.

Makes about 2 quarts in volume.

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