Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Hominy Grill
Charleston, NC
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Wraith6, dieFledermaus

We had looked forward to eating here, and had done our Internet research, and decided that since we had to drive from Savannah to Myrtle Beach, we'd stop here for lunch as it's halfway between the two. According to the website, it is open on Sunday for brunch from 9:30am to 2:30pm.

We scheduled the drive, with pitstops, so we'd get there just before 2:30pm. We got there at 2:20pm, and were told that they were closed, and "there is no food left." We had even told them that we were en route, and had driven a couple of hours to be here, etc., but no slack from the. They didn't even check with the kitchen to see if we could have a limited selection instead of the full menu. In fact, the waitress said, "You can come back tomorrow for breakfast." Uh ... didn't we just say we were driving through? And why didn't she offer for us to come back in 3 hours for dinner instead?

Okay, so we asked to use the bathroom, and we'd leave. While waiting, food kept coming out of the kitchen. Didn't she say they were all out of food? Maybe they had enough for the people who were already seated in the one-quarter filled space?

It wasn't even 2:30pm at that point. We say she was just being lazy or the kitchen is tyrannical and shut down way earlier for last order than they should have. When a place gives a closing time, that's the time for last orders. If she meant that the restaurant closes at 2:30pm, then why were people still getting their food after 2:30pm?

We never went back. There are plenty of other places who were more accommodating and didn's simply lie to customers, especially those obviously not "from here." Maybe she thought we'd never come back anyway.

We would have made a reservation, but none are taken for any meal but dinner. So we didn't have a reservation to hold them to. We're very disappointed with Hominy Grill, and would not go there simply because they treated us shoddily once. That's bad enough ... but it was the way they did it that really upsets us!

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