Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Heidelberg Haus
7625 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN
Review by Rosie

Returning from an unexpected trip to the old stomping groundsd, we indulged in a happy childhood memory visiting this tiny European treasure smack in the middle of the Midwest. We often made the trek to Indianapolis on weekends to shop in the nicer malls and discovered this little bit of Germany right across town from Indianapolis Motor Speedway -- and *it* meant WAY more to us than the Speedway!

Heidelberg Haus bills itself as a café, bakery, and gift boutique. You walk in with your eyes closed. You remember the stories of soldiers dying, smelling fresh baked bread and other comforts of home. You smell bread, pastries, cream ... is it heaven? You open your eyes and you're shocked with the floor to ceiling stacked tchotchke. And you *know* heaven can't be THAT tacky ... ignore the geegaws and feast your eyes on the edibles.

We had a hard time choosing what delicious pastry to snack on with our delicious coffee, but finally she had the napoleon and I had everything else. I could feel the pounds adhering to me and I promised to do that Navy workout every day for a month as penance. While we ate, we perused the limited luncheon menu. It had the usual bratwurst and knockwurst and potato pancake sides, plus a few more Teutonic items, but very reasonably priced. Nothing was more than $7.00.

After our snack, we spent MUCH longer wandering around the store reliving childhood memories and buying sweet treats and things to bring home. Among the purchases were a flag decal and some postcards to be incorporated into a Wookieehut junior member's school project that just happened to be about Germany and just happened to be due shortly after our return.

The poster came out beautifully, and the memories of the place and the pastries lingered on. I'll have to bring the junior hutties here next time!

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