Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Guernsey Dairy Farm
Novi, Michigan
Review by Diana DeRiggs & Dancing Queen

There are lots of places that serve good ice cream. Many of them, like Guernsey, are real operating dairy factories. So what makes them different from each other?

For one, their ice cream scoops are simply HUGE. They are the size of a mutated softball, so a double cone is the size of a pipsqueak soccerball. The nice guy who packed the cone gave us a cup and spoon when it looked like we'd lose the game! (You have to flip the cone upsidedown and squish it into the styrofoam cup, the cone sticks up and you get a little clown! It tastes better this way, too, though we don't know why. One theory is that it concentrates the flavor components ... another is that we don't have to worry about it plonking onto the ground!)

The dining room was full, and so we went outside to eat our cones. We sat on the big rocks that ring the parking lot. One of us used to think climbing the rock as quite formidable, but now due to the passing of time and it's effects (namely, you grow a couple of feet), we have moved beyond that. Now we are climbing bigger rocks, while eating the delicious ice cream!

The shop has a small store with tchotke in it, along with some convenience store items. There is a weird system to get your ice cream: you have to know what you want, pay for it, THEN you present your receipt to pick up your ice cream. It makes for a bit of shuffling around to find your way and to determine what you want want, then to pay for it, then to get it. So frustrating! But the creamy, cold confections are actually worth the dumb system.

We went there frazzled and tense at the end of a long day. We left there warmed and full, feeling all was right with the world, even though we couldn't finish the oversized servings of ice cream. Okay, it was cold out, we actually ended up chilled, but it was fun!

By the way, why is the town called Novi? Because on the survey map, it was "Block No VI" -- number 6, get it? Some bright guy looked at it, and called the area "Novi" (pronounced "noh-vye"). Cute, huh? Yeah, we thought so too ...

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