Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Grandstand Lounge
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, GA
Review by Diana, WithKing, MaceVindaloo, Ed, SuSu, BunchBox, Chupathingy, Exar

After a long day, sometimes one wants a quiet drink, but drinking in your hotel room tends to imply "party on!" and before you know it, there is a bunch of people you may or may not know in your room, spilling stuff. The worst part of that is having to choose on which texture to sleep at the end of the party: crunchy or wet. Eeuw!

And drinking on your own is kind of pathetic, unless you are into that. And drinking with one other person many be fraught with innuendo that you don't intend to convey ...

The hotel lounge is often a good place to have a drink, a bit away from the masses and keggers. It's pricier than drinking a BYO concoction, but the tradeoff is decent bar peanuts, and quiet, generally comfortable settings. It was also a relatively undiscovered watering hole, and a nice contrast to the "sprink break" type of madness of the porta-bars at the Hyatt next door.

Major disappointment was the barman at this lounge didn't know anything. Even when I asked for his speciality! Someone else in the group had to tell him how to make a "007" — orange juice, Stohli orange, and 7-Up. O(range) O(range) 7(-up) ... get it?? Hmn ... but he was nice, and got us fresh bar nibbles.

The space is a platform elevated above the GL (the highest of the three lobby levels, if you haven't read the Dragon*Con report). There were plexiglass railings so you didn't fall off, but it did give the feeling of being suspended in space. You could look upward and see the "sci-fi-ish" atrium and that odd pink ribbony sculpture above your head. You can also lean forward and watch the cosplayers hopping about the lower CL. Many of the men in the group noted it was a good "cleavage perch." Ha!

It's nice once in a while to stop at a "lounge" with a piano and have a drink, before stepping down the stairs back into the craziness of whatever is going on in the real world. :)

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