Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Grand Pu Bah
88 Division Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 255-8188

Review by Diana

There are actually areas of the city of San Francisco where restaurants are scarce, like the area of town on the end of Townsend Street. we were here on business, and had not brought our lunches with us. Fortunately, a kind person clued us in to a Thai restaurant. The San Francisco - Oakland bay area is known for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine, so we were hopeful. And often, ethnic cuisines are the first to make inroads to ignored areas of a metropolis.

Like any recovered warehouse area, there is a lot of flatness and it's not easy to remember where you are walking or where you are because of the sameness. So we had to look carefully for this place, inset into one of the warehouse ground floors.

Decor-wise, it's fairly typical of restaurants of this type — kind of delicate, a lot of tall slender elements, and the use of yellowish greens and blacks. The menu featured cooking styles, and you pick your meat and level of spiciness. So, rainbow curry with faux duck could be swapped out for real duck, chicken, pork, seafood, shrimp, etc. The offerings were of the type to be found in many Thai restaurants, and were served in tall, slender, curvy glasses and big white plate/bowls. The rice to accompany was piled into a tall round-bottomed bowl and inverted onto a plate to form a hill of sticky rice. The five of us didn't share our dishes, but I wish we had (it was a business lunch).

I had the aforementioned rainbow curry, which was neither red or yellow, and features colorful strips of peppers, potatoes, faux duck, pineapple in a soup-textured sauce. I put my rice directly into the bowl of curry and enjoyed it that way. The rice is a way to mitigate the fire of the spice; though I ordered medium, it was almost too spicy for me to fully appreciate the flavors. The potatoes seems undercooked, so it was not like an Indian potato curry, but it was not raw. My beef is with the pineapple, which I don't much care for; actually, I don't like fruit in savory dishes. And the pineapple was canned chunks.

For $10, it was a good value and tasty enough. Maybe this end of town isn't too culinarily hopeless after all?

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