Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Malibu, CA

Review by Diana

This restaurant is on the beach -- right ON the beach. It serves seafood, basically. When the weather is warm, there is a kiosk in the middle of the parking lot selling stuff like sandwiches. The walls of the restaurant have shutter-style windows that open out to the ocean, or you can eat on the deck. Or if you are having an event like a wedding, they will set out tables directly on the beach. While you wait, you can hang out at the bar area where there are barrels of peanuts in their shells that you can munch and drop the shells right on the floor. It's like a circus and beach shack, looks like fun!

Unfortunately, it's also a zoo ... we waited nearly 2 hours for a table (we were stuck there because we'd agreed to meet people there and they were late anyway and we did have a hankering for seafood). We eventually asked for a table on the huge deck and were seated within 15 minutes. You'd THINK they'd tell us of the availability of deck tables outsides over inside ones, wouldn't you?? If it wasn't for the entertainment of shelling peanuts, we would've been really bad.

The place is really popular, and that's not a bad thing, but you'd think they'd understand crowd control. They even have their own parking lot that you have to PAY for! Huh? You'd think they'd maybe have as many parking places as they have seats in the restaurant, so what's with the 2 hour wait, other than the management people are a bunch of lazy jerks?

Once seated, we ordered and it took nearly an hour for the food to get there. The waiters must've thought they were being young, energetic and cool, but we found them to be flippant, ill-informed, non-attentive, and smug. They even gave us what we considered to be cheap plastic souvenir shrimp shellers, but they actually asked for them back! But the things had the name and phone number of Gladstone's on them ... why would they have that if you weren't meant to take them home? So I kept mine so I could write this review.

I was actually there last year, but it's taken me a year to simmer down at the anger I felt toward the place to write a review. It would have been a lot nastier if I'd written it any sooner, believe me.

At least the food was decent, but not stellar. We've all had much better food elsewhere. We took the leftovers home, but they didn't improve with time. Too bad. So go to Gladstone's for the peanuts and the ambiance, and if you have a lot of time (and money) to kill and don't care if the waitstaff is annoying and you don't mind mediocre food. Or if you are so star-struck you need to be in a place where they put pictures of celebrities looking uncomfortable as a random photographer snapped a photo of them eating.

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