Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Georgia Diner
Elmhurst, NY

Review by Diana

Do not go to this place, under any circumstance.

The food is decent, values are good (if you like Roumanian-style diner food), service is brisk, good breakfasts, and it's open all the time. But don't go there.

Why? Because on two separate occasions, we saw clearly that the management and waitstaff are bigots. They seem to regularly diss and harass African-Americans, for no particular reason. Maybe they saw the Cracker Barrel case a few years ago (which had been legally resolved) and thought that was the American way? The owners and staff are eastern European immigrants. Whoever they are, they have no right to be bigots to anyone. Even if they aren't in a service-based business where the "customer is right."

Okay, official line — racism is NEVER justified. You can treat someone badly because they are jerks or they did the same to you, maybe. But racism is not acceptable anywhere, no matter how good the food, values, and service are otherwise.

We've even cut all communications with people who persist in patronizing the Georgia Diner. Seriously, their bigotted ways were totally out of line.

By the way, the neon split peach on the roof of the diner is obscene. That was a renovation "improvement" a few years back. So they have questionable hygiene and bad taste, too. Eeuuw.

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