Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Frontier Diner
38th and 3rd, Murray Hill, New York, NY
Review by Diana, Wraith6, Kimba, Puddly

Everyone needs a place where the food is stable ... meaning they have what you want, and they're open when you need them. The food isn't gourmet, but one doesn't want gourmet a lot of the time. And maybe you have less money in your pocket than you used to because it was a rough week.

It's inexpensive here, and the food is "okay," not spectacular, not terrible. And if, by chance, something is way off, they actually make good on it by offering you an alternative to the problem dish, or not charging you for it. This happened on two separate visits, and they were genuine sorry. In one case, the pecan pie was not what was expected, so we were able to substitute for lemon meringue pie instead. In the other case, there was something in the spinach pie which shouldn't have been in there, and they didn't question or anything. They brought the menu and asked us what we'd like instead, and they didn't charge us for either dish, and the manager came and apologized, too.

What kind of food? Stuff like pre-breaded zucchini sticks, franks and beans, turkey or garden burgers, vegetable soup, fish sandwich, gyros, strawberry layer cake, red jello ... you know, normal stuff.

The service can be slow or inattentive, but it's sincere and the servers are nice and genuinely concerned for your experience while in their care. It's not true throughout the day, but in the evenings, it's much slower and less bustling. For breakfast, it's nearly frantic.

They have excellent omelettes and a good "Atlantic Benedict," with slices of lox replacing the ham in the classic recipe. Oatmeal is featured daily, and that's often all you want and need. And their coffee is good, and it all comes out to about $10 per person including tax and tip.

The "decor" is pure theme diner, with a mural on the back wall depicting some sage-brush ridden vista in some imaginary wild frontier. They do mean the wild American west, of course, but there is nothing wild or random here. There are booths, lots of bright lights (great for those of us who find in our old age need more lights to see the menu!), and a counter for those who prefer to dine alone. It's big enough that if you really want to be alone, you should be able to find a section away from others, especially at night.

So it's not the best food, nor the best service, nor the best decor. But it's just what one needs, now and again.

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