Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Review by Susu

Decor is courtesy of IKEA. The owner is Thai, raised in Japan. The cuisine is part Thai, part Vietnamese, part Korean, part Italian. That means there is a lot of seafood and chicken on the menu, and the desserts are good and non-Asian.

Every dish is plated beautifully in ceramic and containers of different colors and glazes. Lacquer plates, bamboo mats and bowls, wood and metal trays, as well as 'traditional american' plates and such are used cleverly and well. Plant parts are also used to line these containers and to present the food.

There is no penalty for sharing, and the long banquette on one wall suggests you and your sweetie sit on the same side, feeding one another with chopsticks or spoons. The food presentation is beautiful enough to please your asthetes!

The food itself is redolent and memorable, combining things in vaguely familiar and exotic ways. One of my favorites is Brie Scallop -- a bed of jasmine rice with sautéed scallops, stir-fried vegetables and slices of brie melted over the top, served in a lidded crockery bowl. They do great soups, too. Seafood Tam Yam, Kim Chee Tofu are regular favorites, both spicy and hot -- excellent on cold and/or wet days. Their house special fried rice comes with adjustable heat. Choose one of six grades: American Mild, Medium, Hot and Thai Mild, Medium, Hot. I normally have to ask how small the chilis are today -- if too small, I ask for American Hot. If bigger, Thai Mild. Hey, I'm no hero!

Other delicious mains include the ubiquitous Pahd Thai, spicy red Vietnamese Chicken, steamed red snapper with vegetables, Pepper Steak, Banana Fish (Chilean sea bass steamed in banana leaves), etc.

Desserts, as I've said, tend toward Italian so there's Tartufo, Gelate, Tiramisu, White Chocolate Mousse Cake, etc. They also have a great Carrot Layer Cake! Drinks range from wine and hard stuff to Japanese plum wines and sakés. And good coffee!

Prices are reasonable, seats are comfy, Stephanie -- the owner -- and her major domo are nice and remember your name. The music is based on whatever CD Stephanie is enamoured with that week: lounge jazz, UB40, other reggae, etc. But it's not obtrusive, and the food is worth it! Enjoy!

Foraga was well-loved by those who frequented the bistro-like restaurant, but the owner had not to be seen for quite some time, and the service became too chummy and sloppy. We noticed they seemed to never got their liquor license, going next door to Narita Japanese Restaurant to pick up the booze after you placed your order (even though they operated a lounge bar next door?), and credit cards were likewise billed to Narita. Maybe it was a case of not enough confidence. I still dream of their soups and brie scallop. I'm still mad they closed, but their space is currently occupied by Rouge, a French restaurant which I liked the first time and hated the second time because the owner was there and he turned out to be a boor. Come back Stephanie, whatever you are doing! We'll even let you play UB40 all you want!

Disclaimer: The opinions and observations noted are the property of the author. Neither Wookieehut nor any associates makes any claims or lucre from the posting of this report or review. Enjoy!