Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Fifth Avenue Restaurant

New York, NY

Review by Diana

First of all, let's get this straight ... even though it's called a "restaurant," this place is a Greek diner. It has interesting wall treatments -- surreal painting of clocks floating on a blue sky with fluffy white clouds ... faux stone effects ... heavy metal chairs and some banquettes. But it's a diner, and a good one at that! Okay, so it's more than a diner ...

Specialities include the "Fifth Avenue Burger" -- a greasy burger with sautéed mushrooms, onions, topped with stretchy gruyere cheese and a grill-toasted bun ... omelettes with freshly prepared ingredients (a favorite is the spinach and feta, or bleu cheese, sausage and tomato) ... taramasolata (smoked cod roe in a mayonnaise dressing, served with oven-crisped pita wedges) ... great gyros (pronounced "hee-ross" and featuring lamb or beef or chicken with greek salad and garlicky/yogurty tzaziki). Unlike "Hellenic" diners around the US, it doesn't have the menu larger than many cars. What it does have is fresh, tasty fare at decent prices. This is not a franchise operation!

There is one waitress and occasionally another person serving. She's patient, efficient, quick, even though her English is limited. She will bring extra anything, and works hard -- every time we've gone there, whether for Sunday brunch or Tuesday dinner, she's been there.

Their coffee isn't that great -- very strong and acidic -- and shows sign of being "stewed" for a long time on the hotplate. But that's the only thing that isn't fresh. The omelettes are made from real eggs that are broken open when your order is received (unlike other places which beat them up in a big vat in advance, or worse -- add water to powdered egg!). Oh, the other bad thing is that they only take cash. So make sure you've been to the ATM down the street before you dine here. It's worth it! (P.S. And if you're having an illicit affair, you should be using cash anyway ... never a credit card that will leave a trail ...)

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