Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
All over frickin' Los Angeles
Review by Diana DeRiggs

I'll admit, I was awfully scared to try a place called "Fatburger." It was recommended to me by a corpulent heap of a girl who told me their burgers were "Goooood!" I know beauty is only skindeep, but I was scared anyway. And cops seemed to hang out at the one near my place. As if this was lower down the junkfood continuum from donut shops ...

So when a date suggested we go to Fatburger instead of "Bob's Big Boy" I figured I should be open-minded. After all, I had nothing to lose, and going with company made me feel a bit braver. The main offering was "The Big Fat Deal" -- complete with fatburger, fat fries, fat drink. When the counter server asked, "Fat or thin?" regarding the fries, I said Fat (after all, that's the name of the place) and she bellowed out, 'FAAAT!' It's a wonder they do any business at all!

L.A. is a burger town, believe it or not. Everything is about diner-style hamburgers. Just like Chicago is about deep dish pizza. Buffalo is about chicken wings. Maryland is about crabs. New York is about ... well, all the other stuff. So I figured it couldn't be bad.

The Fatburger burger wasn't bad. It wasn't exactly good, though. The burger retained the shape of the worms of meat that come out of the meatgrinder (at least they don't overmix their meat), and it was served with cheese, onions, pickle relish, mustard and lettuce. The meat didn't seem to have any flavor, and the thing basically tasted like mustard and vinegar -- not what I expected.

The fat fries were English style fish-and-chips fries, not bad at all. Wish I had some beer batter-coated fried fish to go with them. And my date declared the chocolate milkshake to be the 'best ever' and he didn't mind the burger either. I have to warn you, though ... he has a damaged sense of smell so has a tendency to prefer sharp or strong flavors. If you're like that, you might enjoy Fatburger just as much.

So next time I see that girl, I'll be able to tell her, "Yeah, not bad. Good fries." Then I'll ask someone else for a place to get a decent burger in this town!

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