Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Engine House No. 5
121e Thurman Avenue, Columbus, OH
Review by Susu & Rosie

South of the Columbus downtown area, in the neighborhood of Schiller Park, there is a nice, upscale family style restaurant. It's located in an old fire company stationhouse, in an area being renovated. But unlike normal family restaurants, you go there to celebrate special occasions, like family birthdays. And if you let the restaurant know, a special treat awaits you.

The place serves very nicely cooked steaks and roasts like tenderloin, seafood, pasta, etc. We especially remember the seviche -- an exotic thing in this part of the country, and they do it really well.

But the big selling point on your birthday is the presentation of the birthday cake. The fireman's pole is still installed, and waiters slide down it with your cake, lit with sparklers. If your waiter is particularly skilled and athletic, he will attempt this feat head-first! It's all accompanied by the traditional "Happy Birthday" song by all the waitstaff, who converge on your table, and awe-struck and cheering customers. A fun place to celebrate the passing of another year!

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