Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Upper East/West Side, New York, NY
Review by SuSu, MaceVindaloo, Kimba, Anndi, Diasala

Often, you want diner food. And you want it to be exactly as the stereotype purports: greasy, comforting, salty. Other times, you'd like to do that with significantly less guilt, like if you are taking kids to a diner, or if you are with someone whom you care about what they think of you.

EJ's has the trappings of a diner: formica tables, booths, harried waitresses, noise and clatter. There is the required bust of Elvis (in his early Las Vegas days), as well as nostalgia inducing posters of happy mothers serving up meatloaf and mac 'n cheese. Desserts are touted on the walls, too.

There is a difference, in that you can order a really decent salade nicoise (instead of tuna salad on lettuce cup), and sweet potato fries instead of the same ol' white potatoes. You can get your omelets made from egg whites only, and get steamed vegetables instead of homefries. French toast is served sprinkled with breakfast cereal for superlative crunch.

In other words, it's a healthier version of the great American diner. However, with the sacrifice of salt and fat comes other sacrifices, too. Like flavor or texture. Sweet potato fries aren't crispy, for example. The french toast comes very dry. And the mac 'n cheese is soupy, as if velveeta dinner was made with too much water instead of just the right amount of milk. The veggie burger is mushy and served with alfalfa sprouts which go all slimy from the heat. Ugh.

Desserts are not made on-site, and there is a brownie cake with a manufacturer's name attached to it. It's got a passable pecan pie, too. The portions are small, but they don't cost much and it's better for you that way.

It's crowded with strollers on weekends, and is often crowded at night, too. This being New York City, there are plenty of people who do not cook. They are willing to schlep their small children to EJ's (is that actually less effort?).

People are varied in opinion and content about this place. Those who want to eat healthily without the expense or the pressure of trendiness like this place. It's reliable and you can get the egg white omelet with steamed broccoli any time of day. It's also rather inexpensive; this is the city, and even an omelet made with a portion of the egg can be very pricy. You can get away with a filling meal here for under $10 per person.

Just be in the mood for guiltless diner food ... but what fun is that? Sometimes, it is. Really!

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