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Review by Diana, Mace Vindaloo, SunnySideUp

This must be stinky service week in NYC restaurants. This place had everything going for it on ANZAC Day. First, about ANZAC Day ...

The Australia and New Zealand Army Corps answered the call by the British Empire during World War I, and as good, loyal colonials, they mustered troops and dispatched to the European War Theatre. From there, they were sent to the front lines in Gallipoli, following the tradition to send the enthusiastic, loyal, insane, big farmboys on the most risky assignments. The ANZACs landed on April 25, and suffered heavy losses against the entrenched Turks. The boys from down under bravely and foolishly attacked in waves against the heavily defended enemy; there were so many dead that the major complaint pertained to the stink of rotting corpses. The fallen could not be retrieved or buried without taking further casualties. The shameful part of this is the Empire did not notify the Australian or New Zealand governments of the extent of the losses. Fighting occurred every day and every night except for Christmas, when there was a temporary ceasefire and the troops tossed gifts toward the enemy. They were dug in so closely that yes, small gifts like cigarette boxes with badges and trinkets contained within could be tossed easily into each other's trenches. Then the fighting started anew after that.

The world thought World War I was "the war to end all wars," and to our great shame, that has turned out to be an optimistic and quaint notion. But when the rosters of the dead finally made it home, ANZAC Day was declared as the official "memorial day" for all soldier of all wars, a tradition which was carried through all subsequent wars. The slogan, "Lest we forget" still resonates on any memorial day, anywhere in the world.

So it's all the more shameful that we went to Eight Mile Creek for an "ANZAC Brunch," featuring the following, as announced on their website:

 ANZAC Brunch Specials

In addition to our usual Brunch menu, we will also be serving Sausage Rolls, Pie Floaters (a delicacy unique to South Australia!), Lamingtons, and Anzac biscuits throughout the weekend!

Available after midday, upstairs in our Dining Room and outside in our OuT-the-bAcK garden

Photo and announcement from eightmilecreek.com

Sounds good, right? Alas, I was compelled to write the letter, below, to them. I even waited two days to see if I wasn't simply upset by the weather (appropriately cold and drizzly, perfect for ANZAC Day)!

Hi, went to visit your restaurant this past Sunday, had a 1pm reservation. Note on your website, someone posted the following notification (see above).

The waitress gave us a confused look when we asked for sausage rolls, ANZAC biscuits (after all, it was ANZAC day), and lamingtons, her only reply being, "Maybe that's served for dinner or somewhere else? We don't have that." We were totally aghast -- we'd deliberately decided to come to your restaurant for these treats!

She was also disappointing as a waitress. Apparently, the restaurant ran out of menus (there were only 3???), we were served after three other groups who came after her, and only after we reminded her that we ordered Oysters, and could she make sure they weren't sitting out waiting for us? She then proceeded to bring out our WHOLE order all at once -- obviously, EVERYTHING had been sitting and waiting for her to pick up. True, she seemed to be the only server there, but really, you have 4 or 5 tables there and she didn't seem to have any other duties -- that should be manageable by even a new waitress.

It's a shame, since some of use are from "down under" and have been looking for a place which serves the best and worst of what he loved of the food there. Your food is decent (though no 100% authentic, though that's to be expected), but the poor level of service and the disparity between your Internet site events posting and the apparent reality was just too disappointing to forget. The friend who invited us actually had to suffer the ignominy of apologizing to us for the experience!

Please take these comments as constructive complaints to improve your service. Everything else seemed fun/nostalgic/good. But when service is poor and customers have to work to get what they want, that's not a good thing. I went with the intention of "officially" reviewing the place for friends who were interested in 8 Mile Creek, but I'm afraid my overall impression will be solidly negative.

Lest we forget, indeed. We're still looking for a place to do ANZAC Day proud. Too bad it's not Eight Mile Creek, though their food was decent (in fact, better than "home" in some cases) and the barbie in the tiny open garden was like a post-rugger gathering from back home. Ah, well ... if it wasn't such an important holiday, we might have been more charitable.

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