Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Eddie's Sweet Shop
Metropolitan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY

Review by SuSu, BigBoy, ScarletManuka, BigNose

We had gone to see the local baseball team play, but the game had been rained out. It should have started at 1:10pm, and we after the ground crew had put away the tarp and put it out again, and we started visibily shivering, we decided to leave at about 4pm. One girl behind us had decided that they'd call the game off once they'd sold enough concession food ... it was too early for dinner, and we were just cold and wet and wanted some hot tea. We sat discussing where we could go, when one of us said, "How about Eddie's?"

Eddie's is a landmark on the "other side" of Forest Hills, far from the main drag of Queens Boulevard. The store doesn't look like anything much from the outside; there is an unusual corner door, but otherwise, it looks like a cheap deli. You can't get sandwiches here though.

Eddie's serves ice cream and sells tchotke (which means "junk," in a sort of affectionate way) which can be anything from miniature vegetable sculptures, heirloom quality dolls, dollhouses, bric-a-brac, stuffed animals, etc. They place is decorated with old wood, tin ceiling panels, a marble topped counter, old cabinet-style refrigerators, a big double sink for washing up ... the dishwasher is located behind the seating area, which consists of two booths -- consisting of old pews -- and five other tables. They make their own ice cream (a dozen flavor variations total, not a million), hand whip their cream (8 times more dense than spray cream), serve a multitude of old fashioned toppings and syrups (and some not so old fashioned -- diet coke, marshmallow, along with hot fudge, etc.). The owner is no longer Eddie, but the "counterboy" who used to work for Eddie. He's youngish, muscular, cute, and hires other cute, muscular, not-to-tall men to work with him. Already a good reason to go, but the ice cream happens to be superlative.

The ice creams are served in footed metal dishes. It just seems right; one of us commented that it puts the delectable ice cream closer to the mouth ... but we did note the little cups are piled high and the sauce drips off into the dish at the bottom. I had a marshmallow sundae with coffee chip; others ordered a banana split with sherbet and run raisin; a sprinkle sundae with vanilla fudge; a coffee ice cream with hot fudge and no whipped cream. We had coffee -- it was a cold day, and anyway, it's a good way to cut the rich, rich, rich main attraction. We paid about $5 per person for homemade ice cream in a setting that was evocative of ice cream parlors of nearly 100 years ago. Though the place was actually not built till the 1960s, the space it moved into has been there since about the 1920s, so that explains the ambiance. It's simply great ice cream, at it's core, but having an old-fashioned marble and dark wood counter, old appliances, beefy short guys serving ... who could ask for anything more?

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