Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Ed Debevic's
North Wells Street, Chicago, IL
(312) 664-1707

Review by Girl Sprouts (a collective report)

We were warned that this is a 1950s style diner, complete with gum-popping waiters who act rude, and will belt out a song, or dance on the tables. All the stuff we wanted to do at home! We could not wait to go! Besides, they had burgers, shakes, and something called "wets" -- fries doused in gravy. Very interesting!

Our waiter was Linus and he started in on us immediately. He must be a really good actor (you know how they say waiters are really actors waiting for a break?) because we couldn't tell if he was really upset at us or not. He yelled a lot! So we yelled back! And he yelled again! And we laughed! We fell in love with Linus. He was even less mature than us! We yelled, "Dance, Linus, dance!" so he did. He got right up on the table and did what one of us called a "jungle boogie" -- not a real dance (he wasn't that good) but something that was like he put a metal fork into an electrical socket and let the power move him! We cheered and became Linus groupies!

He brought out countermen's paper hats for us as souvenirs that had the slogan of the restaurant on it: "Eat and Get Out!" There was also a sign that says, "If you think you have reservations, you're in the wrong place." The whole place was cheekily rude with signs that teenagers (like us) would put on our bedroom doors. Linus fitted in, of course, and told us, "Shut up and eat!" every time we asked/hollered for something else. They have a plaster cow behind a big plate glass window. Some booths looked like they were chopped off an old car. One of the girls loved the hats so much, she stacked 11 of them up before putting them on her head. Why did she do it? Well, why not?

The pictures on the wall outside the bathrooms were labelled "Places to See in Chicago." All of the pictures were bathrooms. Odd, but amusing, and when you think about it, knowing where a bathroom is when you need it is very important! We are indebted to Ed for providing such valuable information. I don't know where else we might have gotten this data. (Ed Debevic's is a restaurant with stores all over. There even used to be one in New York!)

Speaking of Ed, there is no "real" Ed. He's made up, not anyone's Dad or buddy. (If you were Yugoslavian, you'd pronounce it "Deh-Bee-Vich," so there! It's pronounced locally as "Deh-beh-vick" which is the first clue that the person doesn't exist, or at least isn't picking about his ethnicity.) It's just as well, or everyone would be telling on the misbehaving but very funny waiters. Some of our mothers seemed mildly shocked at Linus's rudeness, but we knew what he meant! (It made us love him even more!)

All in all, it's a great place for lunch. The food was good, in that there were no weird sauces or unexpected spices. The deluxe hotdog was exactly what I thought it would be: plain and HUGE. No onions, sauerkraut, etc. I didn't want any and I told Linus so (won't publish his comment!). The bacon cheeseburger was nice and juicy and greasy. Like the hotdog, exactly what a good cheeseburget should be. For dessert, many of us had "The World's Smallest Hot Fudge Sundae" -- about a skimpy 1 tablespoon of ice cream and a dollop of sauce in a tiny souvenir glass fluted sundae dish (you got to keep the dish if you wanted), so it looked in proportion. I thought it would be funnier if it was served in a BIG bowl. It cost us less than $7 apiece, and that included the nice tip we left for Linus. He snarled, but we knew what he meant. We felt the same way about him!

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