Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Durgin Park
Faneuil Hall Market Place, Boston, MA
(617) 227-2038
Review by Diana

None of us has eaten here recently. Y'see, long, long ago, when we were much, much younger and at liberty from our institution of learning, we ran away to Boston in order to get a "good steak," and we'd heard that Durgin Park is way wonderful. We were told that the wait staff would be "sassy," but some of us are from towns where rude waiters were the pride and the norm. So we went, all of us, and some extra people, too.

The place seats people "family style," meaning that if you are a small party, you would likely be seated with another small party or tow at the same long trestle table. This was okay; that's what school was like on "seated meal" nights.

We were young and not old enough to drink, though it didn't stop some of us from trying. Kudos to the waitress for ignoring the alcohol orders placed!

However, she failed to let us know that some meals take longer than others to cook. I don't think she overlooked it, I think she just forgot, or maybe didn't know that she should let us know. For some of us got our meals immediately ... and an hour later, some of still had no received our food! So we called her over and complained. Her response: "You should have known that lamb takes longer than prime rib. That's not my fault."

My response: "I want to see your supervisor."

The evening spiraled downward. I complained to the supervisor that "sassy" is one thing, and lying or incompetence was something completely different. He agreed, and the waitress brought our food. She whispered in my ear, "Thanks to you, I'll probably be fired."

I called the supervisor over again and told him what she'd said. He looked chagrinned and regretful, and apologized. I told him I was not leaving a tip, and this was no mistake. And I did not want to see that bitchy waitress again, which we didn't; the supervisor bussed our table after that.

I don't remember the exact cost ... I think it came out to $40 per person, for a half dozen or so of us, which is not cheap for kids in high school. But I do remember that we were not comped anything, and the "lamb" items had "RUSH!!!!" written on it. Thus I could conclude that the waitress simply forgot to place our order in the first place. I called over the supervisor the third time, related this latest piece of information, and told him that I would never come here again, and that the food was not worth the angst. He apologized yet again, we paid our bill and left.

We were young, it's true, but it doesn't mean we aren't customers. We had enough cash to pay our tabs and more; though she lost out on what would have been a $50 tip, we would have preferred she deserved it rather than saving the money. Now that some of us live in Boston and can actually afford to go to Durgin Park without saving up for a semester for it, we occasionally think about revisiting this place. But we tend to refer to it as, "the place we got that waitress fired."

We'd heard they had good Indian pudding, but it seems like we'll never know. The meat dishes were good, actually, but the experience soured the food for us; we don't actually remember anything other than prime rib or the lamb order. That's a poor result for an old restaurant. We do wonder if they've learned the difference between "sass" and "stupid and rude" ... maybe we'll try it again someday.

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