Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Dunkin Donuts


Review by Diana & MaceVindaloo & The Undercover Tourists

Doughnuts may have a Dutch provenance and come to the US via Calvinist pilgrims, but they are as American as ... well, apple pie also comes from somewhere else. But the point is that American donuts are actually a different product from what others call "donuts" or "doughnuts." One one extreme, in New Zealand, a donut is a soft white roll (as in sandwich bread type roll) filled with a squirt of mock cream (we'd call it "creme") and a quartered marischino cherry on top, sprinkled with powedered sugar. On another extreme, the Japanese fry a soft white dough, but first they stuff it with a curried stew containing potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, then dip the whole in eggwash and dredge it through panko breadcrumbs.

No, Americans are simple folk, and we like our donuts spelled and served simply, like simple Homer Simpson might. That means a really, really light baking powder-leavened dough, fried or baked, and glazed with a sugary coating, and maybe stuffed with cream, creme, jam, or whatever unless they have holes in them. Then best to ice, sprinkle, crumble, to top it off. Yum!

Dunkin' Donuts goes beyond donuts -- some also serve sandwiches, including bagels and breakfast fare. But the best "beyond donuts" item they have is their coffee. They were among the first convenience prepared food places to have really decent coffee. And in summer, you can get their superlative iced coffee, either plain or hazlenut or French Vanilla. We've also imbibed in Coolattas and shake-like, smoothie-like drinks, but the calorie count on those things makes you wonder if they're worth ingesting them? After all, one of the reasons we drink diet cola is so we can afford the calories of the hot fudge sundae we're eating alongside the cola!

In the Big City, Dunkin' Donuts is part of a food court setup, where they share space with other fastfood kiosks. There is always a place to sit down and rest your tootsies. For tourists, this is very important -- you must keep hydrated and use the pitstop facilities! In other areas of North America, they are drive-thrus and mall stand-alones, but like McDonald's, it's consistent and very well priced. Many have drive-thru and walk-up windows.

Our favorite donut? Well, there is no such thing as a Wookieehut official donut ... but it seems "boston creme" is a big winner -- a puffy flying saucer filled with a vanilla pudding-like creme and topped with a dark chocolate glaze; sometimes there are sprinkles. And Dunkin' Munchkins -- the fried up and glazed or coated donut holes. As long as we get coffee, too!

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