Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Dr. Granville Moore's Brickyard
12th & H Street NW, Washington, DC
(202) 399-2536
Review by Gringa, Ewok, daFur, daCuzzin

I saw the daFur and daCuzzin on Tuesday night, lurking around this kind of scary area of DC, near the Palace of Wonders. We had Belgian food at this random place in the neighborhood. It was good, but the manager was odd. Amazing frites, lots of great beer.

They had previously found this odly named Belgian place and loved it. The food is amazing, due mostly to the executive chef David Nugent, late of the French Laundry of Napa. The speciality is mussels and frites and beer. So the first time they talked to the chef, who had all these great ideas for the place. Awesome to get such a talented, high-caliber talent here!

Then the chef got fired. I think Nugent wanted it to be a restaurant and the owner and manager wanted pub food. So this time the menu was very small: one salad, a couple of sandwiches, mussels (4 varieties) and frites. I had a crab cake and some of someone else's mussels. They were good, but apparently had been much better with previous chef.

So, the weird part. We sat down and this guy near us at the bar was eating a burger. It wasn't on the menu, but it was a special. The manager was saying good bye to this guy, who turned out to be his chef.

Intrigued, we asked the chef about the burger, and the man who was actually the chef was raving about them. So I was laughing that the chef was tooting his own horn. Kind of weirdly self-congratulatory.

Then the manager / waiter starts telling us how the former chef was a bad fit and how excited he was for the new guy. Which was nice at first, but then he started bashing the first chef. It was really unprofessional and uncomfortable.

Anyway, the frites were amazing, but the place charged for the dipping sauces (ketchup and aoili — kind of standard stuff, why would they charge for that?) It was just a little odd and the place seemed not as focused as daFur had said it would be.

I guess time will tell how it turns out. But daFur did say that the food was not as good as it was with the first chef. Of course, the chef had actually gone home by the time we ate, so maybe the food was cooked up by the sous chef or someone lower down the ladder. Who knows? Just slightly weird.

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