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Review by Diana

A long time ago, on the banks of a Rogue-ishly named river far, far away, there was a conference of like-minded females and some pet males for a group called WEB: Wedge (Antilles) Estrogen Brigade, and it was wondrous. WEB is the illegitimate sort-of godparent of Wookieehut; alas, it seems to have disappeared of the WWW for the time being. But at the WEBcon, we revealed things about ourselves. We repeated this icebreaker a few months later at another WEBcon on the opposite coast. At both places, the wisdom of WEBber Kressie prevailed. What gives her such near-holy status? She once revealed in the WEB IRC chatroom that her ideal date is "Friendly's and a movie."

That turned out to be an icebreaker activity -- every person in attendance needed to reveal their ideal date. These ranged from "flowers and a midnight picnic," to "champagne and strawberries," to "a gooey chocolate cake and no judgements." So what was mine? "Denny's and clean sheets."

Okay, too much information? Think about it ... if you tell that to a guy you are interested in, what sort of responses would you hope for? The right sort understand that Denny's is normally a 24-hour place where you can get breakfast any time of the day or night. And clean sheets are just a form of consideration ...

Okay, okay, I'll write about Denny's! It's a restaurant chain with booths. It's colored in deep yet bright colors (purple, pinks, blues, greens) and there is a counter like a standard diner. They have very cheap, very caloric, very comforting, very large breakfasts. They also have other things, but to be honest, I've never tried them. The breakfasts tend to have semi/pseudo athletic names like "The Grand Slam," or "Skillet Slam," or "Slugger," and they are all huge. They are rather overextended versions of what Americans would consider "homestyle" breakfasts, which normally means heart-stopping, artery-clogging cholesterol fixes with lots of butter, gravy, syrup, meat, eggs, etc. In fact, most breakfasts include a carbohydrate in the form of hash browns, biscuits, toast, pancakes (one or more), meat as sausages, bacon, chicken-fried steak, beef steak, ham, etc. (again, one or more), eggs done any which way, lubricants: gravy, butter, syrup, cheese, etc. These are meals to be eaten before or after a lot of activity like lumberjacking, or plowing, or something equally arduous. The meals are tasty and filling and they travel well, meaning it's okay to take leftovers as a doggy bag.

A way to dirty the sheets, so to speak.

Denny's is located all over the country, so you have no reason not to treat your valentine-of-the-moment to a nice, full breakfast. The only place they don't seem to have infiltrated are the bigger cities. Denizens of New York City, for instance, will need to drive at least 17 miles into New Jersey to enjoy a country-fried steak "meat lover's special." One advantage of living outside of the city?

A couple of nightowls can eat any meal at any time here. The food is reasonably fresh in that they heat and prep on order, rather than leaving stuff on steam tables. Of course, there is the magic of freezing and the instant heat of microwaves, but it's all engineered very well. After a hard night of dancing, drinking and imbibing, this hits the spot -- equivalent to a big midnight "fry up" style breakfast. And for two, it shouldn't set you back more than $15; $10 if you do the specials! So tip the late night workers nicely and hit the sheets again!

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