Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Daisy May BBQ Pushcart
Rockefeller Center, New York, NY
Review by SuSu, Diasala, MaceVindaloo

You can call the pushcart and they'll deliver stuff to you. As if being lucky enough to have this outpost of the 11th Avenue restaurant wasn't good enough! Wedged between many other pushcarts of old- and new traditions, Daisy May's BBQ is an anomaly, even in a place like New York City.

Adam Perry Lang is the renown chef/proprietor of Daisy May BBQ, and he's not stuck on southern tradition. He's CIA trained and is apparently a hobnobber of Rachael Ray's. We wont hold that against him because he makes the best pulled pork sandwich ever ... or at least in the metropolitan NYC! It's not just the pig, or the sauce, or even the superlative brioche based roll. It was all of it together, along with the fun of buying food from a pushcard on Rockefeller Center.

The sandwich is a "kit" — they give you a half-pint of pulled pork in a deli container. The soft, buttery roll is wrapped in plastic, split. You open the roll, dump the disc-shaped blob of pork and sauce into the bread, top and eat. You also get coleslaw, which you can eat separately or dump atop the pork on your sandwich.

It was so delicious and just juicy enough to be soaked up by the bread, but not so much that it was soggy or messy to eat. It was so good, we savored it slowly and one of us even had the wherewithall to save some for later.

We did try to get sweet tea (served in a mason jar), but they sell out by about 11am of that. Darnit ... but the pulled pork sandwich was really really worth it all on its own.

The sandwich costs $8, which may seem hefty, but the quality of the food is amazing. Sweet tea is about $4, and it's the best ever. (One of us has been to Daisy May's restaurant before and has had it. He's also from the south, where sweet tea is a way of life and takes some skill and understanding to make properly.)

You take your lunch to a public space adjacent — stone walls surrounding fountains in front of one of those big Avenue of the Americas corporate skyscrapers. You sit on the edge and construct your sandwich and enjoy New York in nice weather, for Daisy May's pushcart doesn't come out when its too cold!

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