Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Cupcake Café

Chelsea, New York, NY

Review by SuSu

This place basically sells cupcakes in their own glorious brio ... well, not a broth, but more like "in its essence." They do make cakes, but those are just big cupcakes, right? As my friend said, it's not so much the cake, as the buttercream frosting ... the cakes are cold from sitting in the chiller, which is set to really cold so that the delicate frosting doesn't droop.

What makes the buttercream frosting so fine? It's not the flavor ... the artfulness... the art of being a pastry chef is not so much in the flavors of the dessert, but in the presentation. Is it sculpted and colored nicely? Does it make everyone who sees it squeal with delight? Will people buy way too many of them?

Yes, yes, yes at Cupcake Café. It's in a rather decrepit building on Ninth Avenue. The space is so small that many of the cakes are iced in another part of the building, then brought in through the front door for chilling and pickup. There are four or five tables inside -- really old rickety things with matching chairs. We asked a man who looked like he wanted to be left alone if we could share his table. (What could he say ... no?) With a cup of coffee between us, we ate the two big chocolate cupcakes. We were too full for the small vanilla one (we wanted small chocolate but they only had the large size). We got a paper coffeecup and found the little cupcake fit in perfectly, with a lid for stuffing into a rucksack.

The place is so unpretentious looking with a hand-painted sign out front (the cookbook of the same name is way too elegant for the reality, I think), and it seems like you're so very lucky to find this place. And if you take someone there, they will be astonished at your savvy for finding it! The cupcakes cost about $4 each, which seems hefty. But they are sublime, and you won't feel like a kid ... you'll feel like a very privileged adult and be glad for it!

Pictures from www.cupcakecafe.com

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