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Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan
Review by Rosie and Diana

"Unlike many casual dining restaurants that center around a "theme," we believe our restaurants are not as sensitive to changing guest preferences and trends."
-- from www.the-cooker.com

To be honest, that doesn't sound very inviting, but then again, on "Fat Tuesday," a family with kids doesn't really need to have the latest trends. Funny how kids will die if they don't have the latest clothes, music, bedsheets, etc. BUT if you get trendy on them for food, they will turn up their noses and tell Mom she's weird. How odd is that??

The whole family had been a bit tetchy and ill -- we were a bit stir-crazy and felt like being a bit comforted. So go to a place that claims they do "inspired American dining" and hope they do decent comfort food. That means nothing "weird" for the kids, of course. And since their tastes and preferences are the same as they were a few years back, this should have been good.

I should have followed the feeling in my rather sensitive tummy. First, the map on the website showed a location about 2 miles from where the place actually is. When we got there, we were seated immediately. It was hopping, but not overcrowded, thank goodness.

Being the night before the start of Lent, I opted for no meat and started with a caesar salad with a much-too-vinegary dressing. It must have compensated for the bland grilled halibut steak that followed. It should have had a wasabi sauce on it, but they'd run out of wasabi ... they recommended the garlic cream sauce. I agreed to try it, but it was far too mild for the frozen fish. But the green beans and iced tea were good. Other members of the family had chicken salad, chicken tortilla soup, chicken fingers and fries. Technically, an overall sort of non-meat meal in the WW2-sense (though chicken IS meat, we all know), but good practice for Lent. And the kids were happy, always a big bonus if you are a tired, ill parent.

The costs were reasonable (though they should have charged less for the lack of wasabi), but I don't think I will be going back till they catch up with some other trend. It's not that it was a bad experience (the kids were happy, after all), but it wasn't special enough to spend $20 per person. Even if it was practice for Lent.

CLOSING COMMENTS — R.I.P. ... if you can!
There were rumors that this place didn't pass some required civil code, so either the health department or the fire marshall shut it down. It's a franchise, so there are still others around, but the one we went to in Michigan during Lent is closed now. So not only did they not have wasabi for my fish, but they were flammable and/or unclean as well? Praise the lord ...

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