Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Cold Stone Creamery

Sherman Oaks, CA
Review by Diana

You've heard of mix-ins, right? You take ice cream, then mix in any number of candy or cake bits. I believe there are commercials on TV for an appliance that does this for you, but that's not really a mix-in -- that's more like making a lumpy paste out of good stuff to make a sort of grayish mixture that people will willingly eat. Mix-ins are done properly when you soften the ice cream a bit, the smear it out roughly onto a chilled surface, then sprinkle in the lumps of good stuff and then roughly amalgamate it. This needs to be done quickly before the ice cream melts.

Coldstone Creamery does this on a granite slab which is chilled from underneath. The technology for this is similar to an indoor hockey rink, where chilling tubes are placed beneath the surface, which cools the stuff above it. Thes ice cream stays cooler while the counter person stuffs crumbles of candy bars or cake or brownies into the mix. they use these rather butch-looking paddles and don't overhandle it.

The result is a jumble of textures and flavors. If you want to do the overkill, get a waffle bowl! That's a flat pizzelle-style waffle pressed into a bowl mold while still hot. It's very much like a tuille, but heftier. It's a big like the crispy liège waffles of Belgium (or so SuSu says). It's crunchy and sweet and the perfect foil for the ice cream. You can get medium, large, or huge (since there is no such thing as a small).

They give you so much that it's not possible to eat it all in one sitting (and we only got the mediums!). We stuck our leftovers in the freezer, where it turned into an ice cream pie. The waffle part softened, the ice cream hardened, and we had it for breakfast! And at $13 including tip for the three of us, it was an inexpensive treat. They're located all over the country, so see if there is one near you.

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