Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
The Coffee Shop
Rego Park, NY

Review by Diana, MaceVindaloo

There are some nights when you are desperate — work has been hard and long, and you're just too tired to think about cooking dinner. But you're hungry because you haven't eaten since breakfast and falling alseep hungry is guaranteed to wake you up a few short hours later, ravenous ... so you go looking for a not-too-heavy, not-at-all-complex meal. Something like a vegetable-based menu would be good. But what's open so late?

In retrospect, we should have gone to a good fastfood place like White Castle. But we stumbled upon this place which was open close to midnight, and it was on the main drag of Queens Boulevard. It was always a dingy place, but it'd be renovated recently, so we figured maybe it was less scary than before?

The waitress was totally dumb. She was so dumb that the term "bimbo" came to mind. She emphasized she wanted to go home as she tossed menus at us. We should have left. But we were really too tired. She recommended eggplant parmagiana, not because she likes it, but because, "I have had no complaints about it today from customers." When she brought it out, she also brought a shaker of grated parmesan, but it was empty! We had to point it out to her and she giggled and re-filled it at the diner counter where we could see her doing it. Hmn. We really should have left ...

The food was mediocre at best, and totally not worth the $10 per person. The eggplant parmagiana came with a salad, which wasn't bad, but the dressing which was re-bottled in an Arizona ice tea bottle was ... interesting — in both presentation and flavor. We have no idea how they got it into the bottle, because it surely was not flowing out of the bottle. Maybe they heated it to reduce viscosity?? Eeeuw!

The "garlic bread" was as kaiser sandwich roll split and toasted with garlic butter and dried herbs on it. It was greasy, but otherwise not too bad.

The eggplant parm also came with spaghetti with marinara sauce — the spaghetti was bloated, as sure sign that it had been sitting in water a while, so it was overcooked. It didn't seem to be drained well either, as the marinara, which was probably already flavorless, was really watery. And the eggplant itself was pre-breaded, frozen, thinly sliced things that were dropped in the deep-fryer and dolloped with the same flavorless sauce, so that it was like eating cardboard left out in the rain, then dried, then sauced, then hidden under slices of "processed cheese food" rather than anything actually resembling cheese.

We also ordered a Philly cheesesteak and fries. The fries were okay, but that was all that was okay. The sandwich was dry, without enough cheese, and it was COLD! How could a sandwich with melted cheese on it come out cold?

The eggplant dinner was supposed to come with a dessert, but the waitress wanted us out, and didn't even bother to offer it. She also stood there, waiting for us to add the tip to the money we owed on the bill, probably so she didn't have to hang around while we got our stuff to leave.

We are big believers in taking leftovers home with us, but not when the leftovers are there because we found the food inedible. Okay, it wasn't all inedible ... the salad greens were okay (though they came with onions, even though we asked for no onions), and the fries were acceptable. The garlic toast was okay in comparison to everything else.

Don't go here, even if you are desperate. Maybe go to 7-11 or any other convenience store and get a microwaved burrito or something. Or just deal with waking up ravenously hungry!

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