Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory
Bayard Street, between Mott Street and The Bowery, Chinatown, NYC
Review by Diana

A big yellow flag adorns the front of a tiny storefront on a crowded street. There is a big, fat, fire-eminating dragon, staring cross-eyed at a tiny paper cup in his great, claw-ridden paws. He has a tiny spoon and his tongue lolls out to greet a scoop of flavorful ice cream, made in the basement of those very premises.

Being a Chinese dragon, he is partial to Cantonese favorites: ginger, mango, green tea, coconut, azuki (red bean), lychee, cassata in a smooth, rich cream. He also likes sorbets in lime, tangerine, or rich raspberry. He'll allow for "normal" flavors like vanilla, rum raisin, strawberry or chocolate, and will even let some experimentation happen. But all in all, the tropical ones of his native Canton are best.

The workers behind the counter speak English, are friendly, and they overpack their cups of cold bliss. It took us nearly 20 minutes to polish off a small cup on a hot hot hot day. Even on a day when it felt like the dragon was following us around just to breath on us, it took that long to eat and melt the dense confections. (What combos did we have? Ginger and Mango ice creams, Ginger ice cream and Tangerine sorbet, and Tangerine and Lime sorbets.)

We hear there is an old "Chinese" saying: When looking for cold creamy treats, always follow the hot yellow dragon! (It helps if you say it like Chairman Kaga might ...)

So take his advice, or follow your own gut. You can't go wrong at this tiny store!

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