Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Canal Café and Terrace
Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, IN
Review by Diana, SuSu, MaceVindaloo, RuntEkwesh, Wraith6

This isn't your standard coffee shop which you may expect to find in an isolated place. For instance, you know the stigma of airport eateries, who strap you with extra fees for the most mundane of food and drink items, simply because you don't have a choice to go elsewhere. Museums, which are traditionally located further away from city centers and other food options, are also guilty of applying this gouging principle. Their spaces also can be grimy and cluttered; not at all pleasant, but you can't take food into the museum ...

This place is something like a school or corporate cafeteria, with "stations" where you can pick up the food of your choice — burgers, pizzas, tacos, "Italian" offerings — cooked more or less the way you might want it. Customization is provided by "spice island," condiments, and dressings stations. Drinks are offered via a self-dispensing vertical fountains, and you can put a take-out lid on your cup. You go through a line and pay the cashier for your purchases, passing the ice cream freezer on the way. Pick up your plastic utensils and paper napkins, then find yourself a seat in the cafeteria or outside on the expansive terrace.

The terrace is above the canal, which is behind the Indiana State Museum, and it's beautiful there in good weather. You can see across the canal to the war memorial and tents set up in the park for parties and events. The breeze is relatively light, but you should keep things on top of the napkins and such! As is traditional in such institutions, this money required to build this terrace was donated by the men and women of the local power plant. It seems to not fit in to any theme, but it was a nice luxury to sit outdoors in the mild autumn weather.

The food is standard but freshly assembled, and not expensive; it's reasonably priced whether you want a meal or snacks. We got a couple of ice creams, some sodas, and chips for the afternoon "drop" and it cost us about $10, which is really the going rate for snack foods.

The environment is nicely designed and very clean. It's a really nice place to have a seat when doing the arduous work of viewing museum exhibits!

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