Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Burger and Fries Skillet Scramble
by SuSu

One night, Wes Janson crawled home drunk and fell asleep in his clothes on his unmade bed. He was awoken by an incessant ringing, which he tried to block out by rolling his head into his pillow. But it persisted and finally he was awake enough to realize it was his doorbell. Groaning and hobbling due to his body's response to the previous night's abuses, he staggered to the door and hollered, "Who's there??" He made no effort to sound or appear presentable.

A female voice called out from the other side of the door, "Uncle Wes, is that you? I thought we had a brunch da--"

"Sithspit! Yes, we do!" He ran his fingers through his hair and straightened up his clothing as he opened the door to let a sweet young woman enter. But she stood uncertainly at the door when she spied his general look.

"Come in, Syal! I'm sorry, I didn't forget, I just got in late last night. Don't tell your mom, she'll kill me. Come in, you know that Hobbie's a slob!" Wes gestered in the older daughter of his friend and commanding officer, Wedge Antilles. She had a project to be handed in at school about the Tanaab system, and Wes was the only person she knew from there. He'd asked her to come for brunch, since they both had to eat anyway.

It was at moments like these Wes became extremely creative in the kitchen. He spied a burger and fries he'd brought home last night. It was still by the door in it's take-out container. He must've dropped it there in his drunken stupor ... But he knew the fridge he shared with his housemate Hobbie Klivian held no food other than some milk and some eggs and some ground caf beans. He asked young Syal to make the caf -- she had to clean the pot first -- while he chopped up the burger and tossed it in a pan with the fries, then covered them in beaten egg. Within 3 minutes, he and Syal were sitting down to an unsual, hearty and surprisingly delicious brunch meal, which Wes doused with ketchup (Syal didn't).

As they ate and talked about Tanaab, Syal asked if she could use the recipe as one native to that system? "It's really good, Uncle Wes."

Wes laughed very loudly, "Sure! And if your teacher says it ain't from Tanaab, tell her I expect a second date to clarify what she means!"

The young girl looked confused, "What does this have to do with dating my teacher?"

Wes realized he'd revealed more than he should have, "Nothing ... we're friends ... um ... don't tell your mother, okay?" (Syal's mother was director of New Republic Intelligence, but Wes didn't think she should know everyting about the conquests of Wes Janson!)

  • 1 order of fries, cold and day-old
  • 1 large cheeseburger, cold and day-old
  • 4 eggs
  • salt, to taste
  • pepper, to taste
Heat a large non-stick skillet then toss in the fries and let them warm up a bit. Cube the burger into ½-inch squares -- do not separate the bun or meat or anything, just cut right through them. In fact, a bit of bun and burger stuck together would be best. Toss those into the skillet. Put a lid over it to let it steam up a bit.

In a bowl, beat the eggs and season to taste, but be careful. Since the burger and fries in the pan are already seasoned, you might want to go a bit lighter on your salt and pepper.

Check the state of the burger and fries -- are they heated through? If so, carefully pour the beaten eggs evenly over the whole mess. Leave it alone for a minute to set, then you can either gently stir it around for a "skillet scramble" style of finished dish, or you can flip it over by first sliding the frittata out onto a plate, then flipping the whole thing over so the uncooked side is on the bottom. Cook for antoerh minute or till as done as you prefer.

Serves 2 very generously, or 4 as a supper snack.

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