Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Review by Diana

My favorite weekend breakfast joint in Tribeca (in legendary Gotham City) is Bubby's on Nathaniel Moore and West Houston Streets. It started out as a pie factory, but makes fantastic breakfasts, with big plates of chicken and apple sausage, huge hotcakes, excellent coffee, home-made strawberry jam on every table, cheese and garlic grits, and the best homefries ever.

They serve Texas toast: big hunkin' slabs of peasant bread toasted a golden brown. They serve biscuits in the southern style, the size and shape of kitten's heads. Honey and butter are de rigeur.

During the summer, they had such novelties as watermelon iced tea. Blueberry pie is to die for, and people tell me their sour cream apple walnut pie is divine. I also like their rhubarb pies, with peaches or strawberries.

Bubby's is not cheap, but worth it in funkiness and the abfab crowd alone. But I go for the food!

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