Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Boulder Creek Steakhouse
Hicksville, NY

Review by SuSu & Voort

Boulder Creek SteakhousePeople don't realize that a great steakhouse needn't actually be one of those one-of-a-kind places tucked away in a residential neighborhood, a converted large home, or a pub rimed with smoke and redolent of ancient hops. One of my favorite steakhouses is actually a theme restaurant, a short chain located throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. They are big on decor and family values, and compete directly with the likes of Outback Steakhouse (which is a national chain, by the way ... Boulder Creek is much smaller) and even Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, which is less casual. This place is even located in a mall parking lot, on the other end from the IKEA at the Broadway Mall!

In short, Boulder Creek is a surprise. Yeah, it's full of 20-something waiters and waitresses who are enthusiastic in that TV commercial sort of way, there is a big bar with TV monitors arranged around it (and some couples actually ask for the channel to be changed so they can watch and eat ... so what are they doing in a restaurant??), there are drinks specials with rather collegiate spring break type of names (sex on the beach, slow comfortable screw, etc.), and lots of burgers and fries and chicken and prime rib. But they also have a section of the menu where they have a list of certified Angus steaks, dry-aged for 28 days. The other steaks are wet-aged, which means the meat is vacuum-packed in plastic and left in the chiller to tenderize. Dry-aging has the meat exposed to a controlled temperature and humidity environment which intensifies the flavor, tenderizes the meat, and imparts a sort of salty/mineraly flavor distinctive to dry-aging.

Dry-aging isn't done much at home, since it takes space and time. Not many markets do it, for those reasons and because the meat dehydrates, so the price per pound is much higher than consumers are willing to pay. It's the big difference in the flavor of steaks between steaks bought for home use and steaks sold by good steakhouses.

The steaks we got were aged properly ... they were cooked perfectly ... they were delicious! I got a baked sweet potato and my companion got garlic mashed potatoes. The meal comes with a good green salad (I'm personally afraid of anything called a "caesar" since it never is) and bread -- the butter was that weird, light, easy-melting ball of wax. We got some great chicken wings as a so-called appetizer -- a plate big enough to be called dinner all by itself. It all cost about $70+ including tip and drinks. Not bad at all for steaks so good and so big we had to have them pack up most of it to take home, which they did cheerfully.

As you can see by the photo, the place has "ambiance" even though it's manufactured and "antiqued" to suit. The fireplace is a great place to wait for a table on a cool day or evening. We were rather disappointed that we beat the crowd and thus couldn't hang out by the fireplace!

It's clean, service is prompt, things are systemized and the food is great. It's a little bit pricey, but much more reasonable than the more traditional old-world style steakhouses where their aging methods and sauces are secrets. Boulder Creek doesn't have a steak sauce -- your choice is hot sauce, ketchup, worchestershire, or A-1. We liked that they're not pretentious about it, and we don't use sauce on a steak this fine anyway!

Overall, a great steak, and we will try to get there so we have time to sit by the fireplace next time!

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