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Batavia, NY

Review by Wraith6

Recently, I was on a trip in to the middle of nowhere or otherwise known as upstate New York. Now, people think New York is citified, sophisticated, etc. That's only in New York City proper ... the rest of the state is full of hicks and rednecks, just like the rest of America!

Anyway, I was in need of feeding, and judging by my size (I am huge!), I am in need of feeding a lot. I made a call to someone with Internet access and asked if they could find me a place to eat at. One name kept showing up: Bohns (pronounced, bones).

Bohns is a restaurant and catering / reception facility and predominantly serves steak and the usual steak trimmings. I ordered garlic bread, stuffed mushrooms, and after the waitress assured us that it would be "big enough," decided to share a prime rib and seafood special for two.

What a nice lady ... the servings were, indeed, LARGE. The garlic bread was probably a whole baguette, dripping with lovely garlic butter and smothered with cheese. The stuffed mushrooms were good, with eight average caps (yeah, not oversized, but you normally get FOUR with this type of meal) stuffed with a fairly typical stuffing -- you know, the kind they stuff seafood with (breadcrumbs, some aromatics, etc.).

The prime rib was excellent and juicy. With it were served lobster tail, snow crab legs, stuffed shrimp (same stuffing as the mushrooms, uh huh). The garlic mashed potatoes were a great complement. Other things ordered at the table included Beef Wellington, a wonderful holdover from the 60's and 70's. They used a duxelles (finely chopped mushroom spread) and not the usual pâté and mushrooms ... too bad, but otherwise, the organ-squeamish wouldn't have ordered it. That would have been too bad, because this dish had a pastry which was light and flaky and the meat was succulent. Didn't really miss the pâté either.

Dessert, was in a sense, a moot point. I was way too full, and nothing looked that good anyway: standard fare like bread pudding, cheesecake, apple pie ... too heavy and suburban. So you should eat all your steak, if you can. Don't save room for dessert. If you have a refrigerator for leftovers, use it. We didn't, so we stuffed ourselves sick!

The prices were decent, about $20 per entree. The shared combo was $45 for two, but it could have easily fed all of us at the table.

Service seemed good -- at every table but ours. I think our waitress was serving the wedding reception next door, so she was slow. The wedding that was going on was totally made up of white folks with a penchant for rap music. I just wish it wasn't so loud and full of obscenities. It was filtering through to the restaurant, and if you had kids, they might learn some fly rhymes that you might not be too keen on having them repeat. Anyway, we left a tip because she was good with recommendations and was pleasant.

So if you are wandering through upstate New York on the Throughway and have a hankering for steak, make a stop in Batavia, at Bohns. (By the way, it's near Niagara Falls!)

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