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Bob Evans

Midwest, South, East
Review by Dancing Queen, Rosie, Fluffy, Diana

We'd had a sleepover, and didn't expect to get up so readily, but we were woken up at 8:15a.m. with the promise of Bob Evans for breakfast! Actually, we were told we could go out for a hearty breakfast, we tried to decide where. But Bob Evans was agreed upon by all -- good to go to a place everyone will like early in the morn.

We were well awake en route to the family restaurant, having read about people's "embarassing moments" in a magazine on the way there. It was good fun, stuff that could happen to everyone. But we were on alert to behave and not get food spilled down ourselves -- didn't want to be embarassed!

There was a table of six before us that had food on the table, and the smell made us really ravenous! Of course, we sat by them. It was incentive to order quickly (the nice waitress reponded enthusiastically, "Absolutely!" whenever we told her what we wanted), and we tried not to stare at the table of six as we waited for our food to arrive.

This situation might have been unique, but 75% of us at the table were lefties. Each of us individually was used to having to be careful about how we sit next to "dextrous" people, but this time, the tables were turned! We watched as the "righties" had to shuffle sitting in the booths to avoid a clash of elbows with the table-dominant "lefties." This and playing tic-tac-toe on the back of the paper placemats distracted us from the smells of the food at the tables around us.

Being essentially good Americans, we had all ordered eggs with cheese, home fries, bacon, and some fluffy biscuits (the "righty" ordered pancakes on their own). In my younger years, I had a serious allergy to eggs, but it's abated now, and I was happy to order them scrambled with my cheese. They could have cooked the eggs a few seconds longer, but otherwise, it was perfect. One of us also ordered sausage gravy to go with the biscuits, and we declared them even better than the delicious goop served at Cracker Barrel! (Not a surprise, since the original Bob Evans made his own sausage for his little diner when he couldn't get any that appealed to him.)

It was plenty of food, and we all felt sated and well-fed. The heavy, yummy food was making us sleepy, so we went to the park and did several rounds of the obstacle course. Not only did it wake us up again, but it helped us work off the food so we could eat again today -- eating breakfast at Bob Evan's is otherwise a eat-one-meal-a-day event!

Bob Evans did not disappoint, and we all look forward to eating breakfast there again! Actually, I have eaten here before, but always breakfasts, and always the same order. There is a lot to be said for consistency.

If you can't live without a more regular Bob Evans fix, many of the restaurants have a gift shop where you can buy dishes, pie mixes, cookbooks, and of course, you can buy any and all of the food to go, including big, beautiful pies. You can also find many Bob Evans food products in the fresh meat coolcase section of many grocery stores. In particular, we like the sausage links and patties, and the potato products (including whipped potatoes!). There are also breakfast sandwiches, dinner rolls, biscuits, bulk sausage, etc. (One of the diners -- who is one of the "righties," by the way -- one went through a phase when all forms of sustenance were flatly refused EXCEPT for Bob Evans sausage links ..!)

Many have BIG parking lots to encourage tour buses. But no matter how many people are there, everyone seems to be enjoying the food, and the smells really are good. There are locations all over the midwest, south, northeast, middle-Atlantic, and Texas, so find one and enjoy.

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