Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Sunnyside, NY
by Susu and Wraith6

The place is new, the facade is a shiny black, trimmed with gold. It looks really out of place in this frumpy neighborhood. If you saw Spiderman, this is the place where the overland subway was filmed, showing where Peter Parker lives.

Imagine our surprise when on walking in, there was a spacious bar / restaurant with booths and "snugs" everywhere, upholstered leather seats, very comfortable stools, dark, polished wood, and real Irish waitresses and barmen. The menu -- though it showed some traditional British fare like Shepherd's Pie, Irish Breakfast (eggs, grilled tomatoes, blood sausage, Irish bacon, liver, savaloys, big thick-cut chips!), bangers and mash, fried brie, chicken curry -- looked very good!

There is a large selection of English pub-style beers on tap. We didn't notice anyone else with bottles. That's probably not a bad thing.

The place smelled nice, too. Didn't have the "imbued in the wood stale beer" smell so many places have. The clientele didn't seem the rowdy brawling type -- mostly young friends and couples from the neighborhood. Also, it moved from a previous, smaller location down the street only recently, so maybe it needs time. But it's pleasant and nice in the meantime.

The Irish waitress was very sweet and nicely attentive. She didn't always get our order right, but she was quick to correct it. The bus boy was very enthusiastic about making sure we had coffee and water, and clearing our dishes.

The dishes, as we mentioned, were heavily Irish in nature. They were all made with fresh ingredients and the cook was skillful. Some of the dishes simply aren't good in nature -- something called "egg mayonnaise," which we thought would be deviled eggs. Instead, it was a pile of pallid iceberg lettuce, layered with sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, an egg cut in half and placed cut side down over the vegetables, then covered with a liquidy dressing style of mayonnaise. Icky.

Bloom's is clean, friendly, authentic -- they even have a pulpit in there, to remind you of church -- and very comfortable. We'll be happy to go there again! Be sure you can spare the calories though -- food from the British isles is famously stodgy and caloric. And the beer is fresh and tasty, so you need to beware of that source of extra nutrients, too.

No one knows how it happened, at 2pm (broad daylight!) on a Thursday or Friday ... but Bloom's was gutted by a kitchen fire! All of that woodwork imported from a church in Ireland, the great 'snugs' which basically made a beautiful booth, the leather seats, the sparklingly polished bar ... it's all gone now. Fortunately, the place was empty, since lunch was over and anyway, they don't open till the evening hours during the week. It stood boarded up for quite a long time, which normally means that assessments and investigations were taking place, and there were loud whispers of arson. We kept hoping the damage wasn't THAT bad and they'd just needed time to clean it all up and reinstall the kitchen. But alas, finally the shell of the building came down, and right now, there are boards surrounded a hole in the ground. We don't know anything else; we tried to ask at The Chipper on the other corner of the block, but they're closed now, too. Wouldn't surprise us if the whole block was decreed unsafe, since the buildings were put up early in the last century, cheek by jowl, to provide housing and services to factory workers. We are still looking for a good "Irish Breakfast" and have yet to find one ... let us know if you come across one, please! (Damn those arsonists ... hell isn't good enough for the likes of them!!)

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