Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
B.B. King's Barbecue
Detroit Metro Airport, and other places
Review by MaceVindaloo

Those of us that travel via airline know how tiresome travel can be, and it's especially so when one is hungry. Alas, airports are notorious for so-so food at a premium price. And with the recent upgrading of airports to provide better services in this more security-conscious world we live in today, this phenomenon of mediocrity is even worse. For the past few years it has not just been the airlines who have been hurting. Most airports built before the events of 9/11 had been built to assume that travelers and their non-traveling bon voyage supporters would have a meal at the airport while waiting for boarding time. Alas, with heightened security, barriers were put up and all the services which were built suddenly found themselves sequestered behind the security area, but non-travelers were not able to pass through and hang out with the soon-to-be leaving.

But thank goodness for the American entrepeneurial spirit, for there is always a new player ready to move in when space becomes available, no matter where it is. This time in my travels through the Smith Terminal of the Detroit Metro Airport, I happened across a place which combines two of my favorite things: Blues music and BBQ. The place is one of the new BB King BBQ restaurant chain, albeit "slimmed down" to take into consideration the limitations of operating within airport confines.

At this location, the eatery's offerings are split evenly between a bar, and foods that go well with beer. The food menu consists of foods which can be prepared quickly and that can mostly be prepped off-site and reheated as needed — like in a plane! Wings, quesadillas, BBQ pulled-pork sandwiches and burgers seem to be the most popular offerings. I opted for a burger and a nice cold Sam Adams beer. My first warning on the preparation of the food came when I asked for the burger to be cooked medium-rare. I was promptly told, "All of the burgers here are fully cooked." Sounds bad, doesn't it? Even though warning bells had gone off, I tried it anyway.

The burger was a half-pound (before being "fully" cooked, I am sure) of beef seasoned liberally with onion powder and topped with cheese. Alongside was the great American burger's co-joined twin, french fried potatoes, which were excellent. A nice surprise: the burger, despite being fully cooked, was surprisingly juicy and flavorful.

In order to drive fellow travelers crazy with good food smells, I also ordered a pulled pork sandwich to take home on the plane with me. It came in a big upsidedown polystyrene container, served with fries and slaw. I asked for a bag to carry it in and was told, "Sorry. We don't have any." Hmmmm. Why upside down? Why no bags for carry-out? Maybe they should rethink that one ... Even so, I think with the food and the ambiance, I will try and find a BB King in a non-airport setting to compare it to this less well-equipped outpost. If BB King were a movie, it would rate "Star Destroyer."

There are other bugs this place needs to iron out ... like how people just come in to sit and watch TV and not buy anything, so that someone has to play "hockey goalie" to eject people. Well, as long as I intend to get a decent burger and a beer, at least I have a reason to come to Detroit!

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