Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Australian Homemade

St. Mark's Place, NYC

Review by Diana, MaceVindaloo, IrishLad

The full name of this shop is "Australian Homemade Premium Ice Cream and Chocolates," but we're not quite sure what makes this place Australian. The "Dreamtime" painting on the floors, maybe, or maybe the reddish wood trimming the doors. The same Dreamtime patterns on the chocolates, which are colored white chocolate "ink" printed on acetate, to be used like decals. Or the liberal use of macadamia nuts, which are native to that island continent.

It's a little like Rice to Riches in that it looks like a sleek spaceship has landed in a shabby neighborhood. It also has a concept that isn't quite working. Homemade, but the chocolates are flown in from Holland. It does assure one of a good product, but it does seem a bit deceitful. The recipes for the ice cream are apparently old Australian ones, but from what we know about Oz, ice isn't exactly simple to come by in the old days.

The ice cream is very rich and quite good. Lots of chocolate and it's served close to the melting point, so you get that luscious, milky, creamy bite from the start. But it means you have to hurry to eat it all before it becomes a rich rich milkshake. They do use the ice cream in their hot chocolate and milkshakes, too.

The chocolates are called "Bonzers" if the filling is exposed for you to view, "Dreamers" are those which have hidden fillings, and "Moods" have liqueur-based fillings, we think. One of us loves the chocolates; the others of us were too full from a trip to A Salt & Battery, but there is always room for ice cream. But honestly, knowing the chocolate is from Holland and not "homemade" as the name of the place implies, is a bit of a disappointment. At least they're pretty. And the ice cream is delicious. Order the small one so it doesn't all melt on you. Then order another if you want more.

One last tip -- be careful when you go to the bathroom. It's certainly clean, and the Dreamtime motif on the floor is continued into there. But it's also where they keep their cleaning supplies, and you don't want to fall into the mops and hoses. And outside the bathroom is a trapdoor with a staircase leading down to the storage areas. It's often propped open, and you don't want to fall into that, either.

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