Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Atrium Express
Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel, Atlanta, GA
Review by SuSu, Diana, WithKing, MaceVindaloo, Ed, BunchBox

We arrived mid-afternoon at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel and found ourselves hungry and rather frazzled from all the luggage hauling and being in an unfamiliar venue. We went to pick up our stinkin' badges, then since hungers needed to be sated, we started looking for food, but in mid-afternoon, nothing is really open. We really didn't know our way around this town and so we opted not to leave the hotel. The only thing open was a sort of deli-ish food kiosk in the Atrium, called the Atrium Express.

Fortunately, they served a variety of already-assembled sandwiches on "alternative breads" like focaccia. We all opted for the roast beef, with soda, chips, and some of us got ice cream bars, and others got beer in bottles. The roast beef was medium rare without being bloody, the bread was not soggy and actually substantial. The sandwich was served with tomatoes and lettuce, and condiments could be requested.

The seating area was nicer than the standard foodcourt. The bill came to about $7 for each sandwich, plus pretty standard costs for the extras. Not bad, though we might have preferred a burger and table service to sooth our souls, as it were. The food was actually good and fresh, and if some of our group didn't have such a fetish for hot cooked food for every meal, we might have imbibed more often here. There was a distinct lack of options, but it was still decent fare at an okay price.

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