Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
Artists' Colony Inn & Restaurant

Nashville, IN

Review by Gabbydriel, Rosie, PandaCat, GrandUgg, Diana

Small town inns and eateries are rarer and rarer these days, since so many people do all their shopping at megamarts and malls and superstores ... the eating options get more and more diluted till your only choices are prepacked food not touched by the staff or prepacked food prepared by the staff. Ironically, you have to go to heavily populated places with a discerning audience to get an "honest" food and dining experience anymore, it seems. But then again, that might just be a more expensive version of the same dilution.

But once in a while, just that sort of "bygone" place shows up in unexpected places. Maybe not always in a really small town, per se, but someplace where it fits. Not in New York City, but in Nashville, IN -- doesn't that sound quaint?

There has been an artist's colony in this area for many decades, and there was the Pittman Inn to cater to intinerant visitors and tourists. That place hasn't survived, but this Bed and Breakfast was built, modeled after the Pittman. It's a beauty too -- 19th century-style Victorian midwestern USA house, the stuff that authors like Ray Bradbury wrote about so fondly in their novels and short stories, albeit through rose-colored lenses.

You can stay there overnight, or you can walk over and have a meal in the dining room, which one of the reviewers says is her "favorite place," though she had trouble articulating what it was she liked about it. It might be the dark-beamed room with the Persian rug on the floor and a working fireplace. Or the old-fashioned comfortable chairs and dark wood tables. Or the sweet waitresses who took your order and brought your food so cheerfully. Or that everything is clean and polished, like they expected you to come and wanted to impress you. It's simply a nice place. They have a porch where you can dine in nicer weather, too.

The food is excellent -- simple offerings, simply prepared, but worth coming back for often. The quesadillas were toasted perfectly with the cheese melted just-so; the spinach salad is something a couple of us get every time. There is also a tuna steak on offer here which is beefier-tasting than the beefsteak they also offer -- it's delicious, despite being so far from the sea. And something as simple as a baked sweet potato or pulled pork sandwich was done really nicely. In fact, "nice" is a good adjective for anything and everything here.

True to concept, there is also an art gallery, a store which sells locally made crafts and folkart, and a toy store with stuff that isn't necessarily handmade, but it's old-fashioned. Toys like the kochinka stacking dolls (where a big one conceals a smaller one, which conceals a smaller one, etc. till you get to a doll the size of a bean). It's false nostalgia, for sure, bt it's very pleasant, and if you have to wait for a table (which can happen if you have a preference for in- or outside), you at least have a place to hold your attention.

One should seek out such places regularly, if only for lunch. But go for dinner, or try a special deal where your room is included. You'll start to feel like you were raised here, too!

Images from www.artistscolonyinn.com

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