Wookiee Hut Cuisine presents:
American Girl Place Café
East Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL

Review by Girl Sprouts (a collective report)

Okay, we'll admit, some of us gagged at the idea of sitting through a dorky musical called A Circle of Friends about a bunch of kids who try to patch up a broken friendship, inspired by the famous American Girl stories and a quilting bee. But we all REALLY wanted to go to the Café. Some of us have American Girl dolls, and we'd read about the Place. Okay, we should have outgrown the cutsiness by now, but that's why we opted to go to High Tea and NOT the play!

We were really glad we chose the Tea. It's a light meal really, not all desserts like you might think. The restaurant is like one of those "dream Barbie" bedrooms, with big pink sunflower sculptures as lampshades, polkadotted chairs. You can imagine someone like Eloise living in a place like this. There were chairs called "treat seats" where you could bring your American Doll to sit with you. None of us brought dolls with us, but the restaurant actually provided loaner dolls! About four of us got dolls ... well, maybe you're never too old for this kind of thing.

The chairs were comfy, upholstered and they made you sit up properly. Instead of bread, the waitress brought out warm cinnamon rolls and asked if we'd like pink lemonade or iced tea? The day we were there, they had chicken salad in little pastry boats, ham and cheese on white bread cut into a flower shape with a cutter, peanut butter sandwiches, and cucumber sandwich strips. It was nice to share the finger food, asking politely for things to be passed back and forth. Dessert was chocolate mousse in a mini flowerpot (a nice presentation you might want to use at any party), a petit four and a heart-shaped apricot filled cookie (sort of a linzertarte). It was unusual in that it was like a party at home, with all the food daintily and decoratively cut, served on platters, and the über decoration efforts.

Maybe we'll outgrow this kind of thing someday, and move on to other things. To paraphrase Newton: "When I wasn't a child anymore, I gave up childish things," but we hope High Tea is not one of those things we are forced to give up!

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